The Voice: The Battles Part 4

Tonight’s episode of “The Voice” is the final battle round. Let’s take a look at the performances…

Team CeeLo: Jonny Gray vs. Shawn Smith, “Refugee” by Tom Petty. Both Jonny and Shawn are military guys and became fast friends. We also learned that CeeLo voluntarily went to a military school because he was getting into trouble as a youngster (and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention he’s still in a bit of trouble – I had to wonder if they somehow edited his line about the military school into tonight’s episode).

My favorite of these two is Shawn. Adam said he believed every single word of the song; if forced to make a decision, he’d go with Jonny. Blake said neither one held anything back. Christina said her biggest regret is not pushing the button for Jonny. CeeLo said there’s something phonetic about Jonny, and he chooses Jonny because “he cuts through.” No one stole Shawn.

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Team Adam: Barry Black vs. Preston Pohl, “I Wish It Would Rain” by The Temptations. This is a great song for these two soul singers, and I love Barry’s little voice-horn addition.

Blake said everything about Barry is cool, and it just works. Christina said Preston’s voice is from a different era; she gives it to Preston. CeeLo gives it to Preston. Adam chooses Preston as the winner, whom he calls “a legitimate modern soul singer.”

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Team Christina: Stephanie Anne Johnson vs. Olivia Henken, “Done” by Perry. Both great singers, but I’m more taken with Stephanie’s energy and sass.

CeeLo said he couldn’t tell this was the first time Stephanie had heard the song. He gives it to Stephanie. (Cute shout-out to Steph’s grandma in the audience.) Adam gives it to Steph too for that “little nugget of grit.” Blake gives it to Olivia, because he knows the song well and Olivia took the country approach. Christina loved it, but chooses Olivia.

CeeLo steals Stephanie! Thank goodness, because it would have been tragic if she went home. And so cute when CeeLo went over and hugged Steph’s grandma.

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Duets that didn’t get full coverage on the episode: 

Team Blake: Holly Henry vs. Cilla Chan, “Torn.” Blake chooses Holly; Cilla eliminated.

Team Blake: Brandon Chase vs. Emily Randolph, “Tiny Dancer.” Blake chooses Brandon; Emily eliminated.

Team CeeLo: Tamara Chauniece vs. Keaira LaShae. CeeLo chooses Tamara; Keaira eliminated.

Next up: The knock-Outs! And new twist – each coach gets one more steal.

Thoughts on this episode of “The Voice”? Any favorites or early predictions? Leave thoughts below. 



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