The Mindy Project: Music Festival

Hi, “Mindy” Fans! I’m really enjoying the new season of “The Mindy Project” so far. It’s still as funny as last season, even though Mindy is a different person from the one who graced our screens last September. But no worries: just as I was longing for the single, obsessed-with-romantic-comedies and looking-for-love Mindy, we’re finally presented with her inevitable breakup with Casey.

Casey returns from Haiti with a new dream, which he conveniently blames on Mindy. We don’t know how long he’s been away, but apparently long enough for Mindy’s hair to grow out quite a bit. Either that, or she has really fast growing hair, like one of those hairstyling dolls where you pull on the hair and it gets longer. Either way, it’s ok. I really hated that pixie wig.

Anyway, Casey decides he wants to be a DJ, “the number one growing American job, for children of celebrities,” as Mindy informs Danny. Most of the practice goes with Casey to his first spinning gig at a music festival, leaving Jeremy (who’s still overeating) and Tamra to run the practice by themselves.

Before they leave, Adam Pally (from the cancelled comedy “Happy Endings“) guest stars as Peter Prentice, a doctor looking for a job at the practice. Why are they hiring a new doctor? I thought they hired Paul Leotard (James Franco) to replace Mindy while she was in Haiti, but now that she’s back, why do they need someone else? To give the doctors someone else to play off of, apparently.

Initially, they dismiss the unemployed doctor, but of course he’s eventually hired after he helps Jeremy out with two simultaneous deliveries. While Pally is fun, I’m already slightly irritated by his character, especially his whole “Hippocratic Broath” thing. We’re not done with the Bro thing yet?

At the festival, lots of hijinks ensue, of course – this is a sit-com after all – and Mindy Kaling frequently incorporates crazy outings and madcap happenings into her situations (to wit: “The Office” episodes “The Injury” and “Diwali”).

Morgan eats cupcakes laced with some illegal substance and proceeds to cannonball into a sea of grass. As someone who has recently embraced her suppressed love of slapstick, I laughed very hard at this. Morgan also persuades the band The National (whom I’ve never heard of before this episode, though I liked the last song) to meet Danny after the show – by proposing to Danny.

Casey of course exceeds at his spinning gig, only to decide that he doesn’t want to DJ and instead wants to try event planning. I felt this went one step too far, turning this initially relatable storyline into something ridiculous. But we clearly needed to get on with the breakup.

While we could all see it coming a mile away, despite no recent hints about Danny’s latent feelings for Mindy, which we all know are there, the split was kind of a leap (a split leap?). One minute Mindy and Casey are discussing his wanting to move to follow his latest dream, and the next they’re breaking up. I’d have thought he’d consider his options and the consequences a bit more.

But I’m not heartbroken about getting Single Mindy back. While I haven’t decided how I feel about Casey, I’d love a few more rom-com quotes and references to Meg Ryan. I also noticed they’ve said nothing in the past three episodes about Shauna, the office assistant played by Amanda Setton, who is now on the new Robin Williams comedy “The Crazy Ones.” I’d hoped they’d at least mention something about her leaving. Or did they in the season premiere and I just missed it?

Before we part, here are some of the most memorable lines from tonight’s episode:

“What is that sick beep?”- Casey, upon hearing the fire alarm

Tamra: “Is there going to be a single black person performing at this festival, Dr. L?”
Mindy: [reading the list] “Ok, Black Flag, Black Keys.”
Danny: “All white guys.”
Mindy: “Uh, Black People.”
Danny: “Black People is four Japanese girls.”
Tamra: “Um, I’m good.”

“Oh my god, you’re like a white Beastie Boy.” – Morgan, upon hearing Casey’s beat (also loved their beat boxing with fart sounds)

“It’s like the ‘60s but without any kind of higher purpose.” – Mindy, upon arriving at the festival

“This looks like a Civil War battlefield, except somehow there’s more beards.” – Danny, upon entering the festival’s medical tent

“I’ve never seen a music show where Buzz and Woody weren’t ice skating.” – Betsy, after The National concert (while I laughed at this joke, I suspect there’s another layer of meaning that I’m not getting because I’m not familiar with the band)

“Daniel Mussolini Castellano.” – Morgan, proposing to Danny

What did you think, “Mindy” fans? What were some of your favorite lines? Are you glad Mindy and Casey finally broke up? How long before Danny gives more than a longing glance as indication that he likes Mindy?



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