William Shatner

I have boldly gone where no other humor writer has gone before: I interviewed the fabulous and hilarious William Shatner.

1. If you could work with anybody in the comedy field, living or dead, who would it be and why?

“I would work with Leonard Nimoy, because he’s not funny … on a highly comedic project.”

William Shatner: Ponder the Mystery2. Who in the comedy world most inspires you?

“You know, a great stand-up comic is a work of art. Humor is so difficult and so personal and requires such intelligence that the great comics … are the great artists of today. They’re the tumblers. They’re the harlequins. They’re the great entertainers of today, the great stand-up comics.”

3. What’s one of the most fun jobs you’ve ever done?

“If I’m not enjoying myself on a job, I’m in bad shape. Mostly everything I’ve done I’ve really enjoyed.”

For more of Wojo’s interview with William Shatner, hop over to her Parade column.

And order his new album, “Ponder The Mystery,” through that link.



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