Revenge: Sin

Well, I didn’t realize how big the falling out was with Aiden and Emily until this episode of “Revenge.” It really looks like he is out for revenge (because of their break-up?) – hum. Seems a bit extreme, and it always seems we figure things out, but then they are never what they seem. You follow me?

Could someone tell my why Charlotte is so nice to Conrad now? It doesn’t make sense. She is a totally different person this season. I like the old Charlotte. Although at the Stowaway, it was sweet of her to help babysit Carl. At least she talked about Declan and Amanda’s death – “How can such bad things happen to good people?” Can you imagine when she finds out the truth about everything? Oh boy.

I’m sorry, I don’t feel sorry for Conrad. He feels lonely and thinks he’s dying. It seems like he has a change of heart with all of the terrible things he’s done, but he is a horrible person and I think once he finds out he isn’t really ill, he will be back to his terrible self. The way he treated Father Paul too. It would be very hard to believe he was sincere in the last scene with Emily … although he did a great job acting. What do you think?

I was very happy to see Nolan try and talk Emily out of this ongoing vendetta she has (even if it may be justified), although she wouldn’t listen – typical Emily. Does she realize (I think she does now) all of the pain and suffering that she has caused? Declan dying in the bomb blast, Amanda dying, Charlotte losing her trust in her, lying to everyone, including the one man she wants (Jack).

The good news is that after the last scene with Father Paul when she realized he has changed his ways and is truly making a difference with underprivileged people, she felt true regret in running him out of town. I like that she told Nolan that she was wrong. Way to go, Em.

Okay, Patrick. What about that scene at the Grayson dinner table with Victoria announcing he was her son. Geez, drop the bomb on everyone! “This is my son Patrick, oh, and pass the salad please.” Yes, I’m making fun. I felt bad for Patrick, everyone was on the attack. Hey, he didn’t ask to be brought into the family, that was Victoria’s doing.

Of course, we had the drama of Emily, yet again, pouring another vial of who knows what into Conrad’s drink during the dinner. That really set everyone against Victoria with her “welcome Patrick” speech. What did you think of that?

Daniel and Margaux. I was really going to be mad at him if he had sex with her. Thank goodness for the “new Daniel,” as she called him. This storyline may be interesting with Daniel working as her publisher. I’m not sure if I would have cared about him sleeping with her. Emily certainly hasn’t been good to him. I think she may get jealous at some point, but again, I may be wrong. We know Daniel is a pawn in the game.


I am glad that Jack is still angry with Emily and can’t believe that she won’t take responsibility for her actions. I agree with him that she should tell Charlotte the truth; however, I understand why Emily said she can’t. The web that she has created is really amazing. Ha. Jack also seems hell bent for her to complete her mission before the end of summer when he has threatened to out her. This makes for a good story!

Favorite lines from this episode:

Jack to Emily: “When exactly did punishing the guilty become more important than helping the innocent?”

Charlotte to Patrick: Get out before it’s too late.”

Nolan to Emily: Blueberry muffins can calm even the most sociopathic heart.”

Victoria to Patrick: I will go to my grave to try to atone for my sins.” 

I did like this episode better than the premiere. It ran smoothly and was very exciting … as always. This show is one that you have to pay attention. I still can’t believe how much information the writers can cram into one episode! Hats off to them.

What did you think of this episode of “Revenge”? Does Aiden really want revenge on Emily or is he tricking Victoria in an elaborate scheme? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.



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