Revenge: Mercy

This week on “Revenge” … Mercy is what you will need if Emily wants to bring you down. Death may be on your door step, so watch out!

Unfortunately, Father Paul was the latest do die in the wake of her plan. Both Conrad and Father Paul were rushed to the hospital after Emily (it figures) found them after Conrad’s red Ferrari was crashed and on fire on the side of the road. Yep, Father Paul dies of cardiac arrest in the hospital.

Emily, when are you going to learn that the pain and death you have caused on your quest for revenge is worse than what the Grayson’s have done … I think.

Conrad claims that Father Paul was driving, but Emily isn’t so sure. Conrad and Daniel go to great lengths to cover up who was driving (Conrad). Emily discovers this and, of course, wants to find evidence proving Conrad was the driver. She thinks he caused the accident, never intending to confess.

Victoria sees Sheila and asks for a job at the gallery … acting like she wants to reignite her passion for art. Sheila shoots her down, telling her she knows all about Victoria’s financial wows and embarrasses her. Bad move – she should know better.

Daniel and Emily’s relationship keeps getting more tense. Emily walks in on Daniel, who is meeting with a detective about Conrad’s accident. Emily reminds them that she was the first on the scene and nobody asked for her statement. Yep, Emily knows there’s some funny business going on, especially when the detective says that Daniel told him Father Paul was driving and lost control. Oh boy, she’s mad. Perfect timing, the magazine needs some personal details on Daniel, and Emily decides to do the interview, telling them about his DUI.

Oh Patrick … I don’t like him. He is feeling left out, but then decides to go to the gallery and blackmail Sheila into buying one of Victoria’s paintings. Oh Sheila, you aren’t very smart, are you?

Charlotte won’t talk to Conrad. He gets a call from the detective and tells him he has had the Ferrari towed off site to be “taken care of.” Uh, he’s so bad. Oh, Aiden appears and confronts Conrad (I like Aiden – what’s not to like, right?). Conrad doesn’t like him at all. In fact, he hates him. Aiden tells Conrad he has moved into the pool house. I love it. Aiden isn’t afraid of him, and Conrad knows it.

On a side note, Aiden definitely has feelings for Emily.

Emily visits Jack and catches him up with all that’s happening. He’s mad, but wants to help make Conrad pay … he killed Declan and Amanda. Now Jack wants revenge too. Come on, someone has to get Conrad!

Oh no, Daniel confronts Emily about the DUI. They start to lose faith in each other. She tells him she knows something was going on with the detective, and he then he accuses her of not being open with him. She decides to leave and he says, “If you walk out that door, and I’m not going to be here when you get back.” Emily walks out the door.

Nolan works on digging up Patrick’s skeletons. He ends up meeting with his ex-wife and she makes it clear to Nolan that Patrick is a loser and a liar. Got it. She starts to leave, but … twenty thousand dollars convinces her to stay and start talking. I can’t wait to hear about Patrick’s past!

Revenge: Mercy

In the meantime, Patrick goes to the gallery and tries to “fence” a painting that Victoria owns (Sheila knows this). She tells him she needs proper paperwork … of course, he has the lowdown on her, letting her know that he is aware of her business of somehow acquiring rare and expensive pieces and then re-selling them to private parties. (Sheila, you aren’t going to outwit Victoria Grayson.) Patrick is a mamma’s boy, isn’t he.

Emily, oh my gosh … she sneaks around a junk yard in a “burglar” get up. What, Jack shows up. They both want to see what really happened with the car and airbag. She truly doesn’t want him to help. She wants him to stay out of trouble. He won’t have it!

Either she let’s him in or he tells her secret. Great, I think she should just take her millions and leave town. She would have a wonderful and opulent life away from The Hamptons … I guess the show would be over then…

Emily goes to see Nolan and tells him that she has proof  Conrad was driving the car and should be arrested sometime today… then tells Nolan that Jack showed up and wants to do the honors of bringing Conrad down. She also says she needs to go to the function introducing Victoria to the gallery and to make amends with Daniel. After the last function, I just can’t wait to see what’s going to happen at this one – it does make me cringe, though.

At the gallery, the women are as cold as ever. Charlotte comes to support Victoria (I still can’t figure Charlotte out). Emily shows up, and Victoria really lets her have it in her cold and calculated way. Oh, but Emily can hold her own. It is amusing to watch the two of them.

Conrad and Daniel discuss the closure of the accident – they have fixed the problem (we’ll see about that). Daniel tells Conrad that Emily told the magazine about his DUI. Conrad then gives him bad advice … he tells Daniel not to surrender to Emily.

Daniel asks Conrad what really happened (with the accident), and Conrad lies. Daniel surprises Conrad and tells him he helped him only because he wants to make a name for himself and not have the family name dragged through the mud. That’s a good one, you’re a little late, aren’t you? Is this what it’s really like in The Hamptons?

Wow, Victoria vs. Sheila. Victoria confronts Sheila about selling “her” painting (Sheila, you’re going down), and lets her know it’s larceny. The only way for Sheila to survive is to give Vicky (just kidding) the gallery and get out of town. Boy, that was ugly.

Victoria thanks Patrick for his loyalty to her – what a dirty team.

Emily visits Jack at his bar. She tells him the car was destroyed, but Jack shows her that the brakes were tampered with. They have to figure it out, come on. She heads straight to Aiden and asks him if he did it. He says no, and just wants to help her finish the job. Again, he is jealous of Jack … somethings going to happen, and it’s not going to be good.

Conrad calls a big meeting at the Manor. He tells Victoria, Daniel and Emily that he doesn’t have Huntington’s Disease. “It seems it was brought on by stress and the Huntington’s medication,” Conrad explains … in a very unhappy tone, I might add. I thought he was going to accuse one of them, but he didn’t. What is his plan? It’s gotta be good…

Daniel and Emily seem like they are making good, but there is still tension. They don’t trust each other … he says he’s staying at the Southfork and she leaves…

Nolan and Patrick have a romantic kiss … wow! What’s going on there? Some kind of trickery, I’m guessing.

Back at the Stowaway, Emily tells Jack about Conrad. Charlotte brings the wedding invitations … Jack now understands… “You’re planning on taking him down at your wedding,” he says. “I don’t want you to be there,” says Emily. She doesn’t want him involved … she still loves him, but I think he plans on being there. I can’t wait for that wedding!

Conrad tells Victoria that Aiden must go, but she says he’s their only chance of preventing Daniel from marrying Emily. Conrad can’t believe she’s still on that bandwagon. Aiden walks in and tells Conrad that someone tried to kill him by tampering with his brakes … he tells him it’s Jack! What the heck!

What did you think of this episode of “Revenge”? Crazy/exciting as always, right?! Who do you think tried to kill Conrad?

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