Revenge: Fear

Hold on to your boot straps! “Revenge” is back for its third season and as always, I expect high octane! Although showrunner Mike Kelley stepped down at the end of season two, I am hoping the show holds its grip and integrity. I must say, I did like season one better than season two.

This week’s episode started with that old “flash forward” trick (or should I say “tease”), with Emily, in what looks like a wedding dress, on a huge yacht. She looks at someone (Daniel, Jack, Aiden?), and then is shot twice and falls into the ocean. Doesn’t that remind you of the season one beach scene?

Daniel wants to set a wedding date with Emily, but she doesn’t commit to one yet (still after Jack, I’m sure).

Victoria and Patrick (Justin Hartley) – the secret son – are at one of the Grayson’s stables on Long Island. Six months have passed and Victoria actually seemed calm and happy. Charlotte shows up after being abroad. It seems the Graysons are losing properties (Charlotte mentions the one in Paris). Later, Charlotte confronts Patrick (I’m not sure why) to tell him either Victoria or she herself will destroy him. Charlotte’s storyline is weak at this point. I really miss her being with Declan. Do you?

Emily gets Noland out of jail – he is exonerated of any wrong doing within his company or The Initiative (although we found out last season that there really was not an Initiative – confusing!). Emily gives Noland a beautiful beach house. She owed him one (I wish she owed me one).

Sigh, Jack left (six months ago) with baby Karl after Declan’s death (that still hurts me). Emily doesn’t know if she will see him again.

Conrad is as bad as ever (I really don’t like him). He plans on being a Presidential candidate in the future – only the Governor for now. He offers Daniel a job, but Daniel doesn’t want it.

Emily and Ashley are still at it. Ashley had the nerve to threaten to expose her (remember, she knows everything) if Emily doesn’t help her – and help her find a rich guy. Pretty funny she laid that out there.


Charlotte visits Emily. They are happy to see each other. Charlotte tells her that Victoria is seeing someone (she doesn’t realize it’s her brother). Emily, intrigued, goes to visit Victoria. We all know how nice they are to each other. Not! The tension between them is something, isn’t it? It’s actually fun to watch. Emily tells Victoria she knows about Patrick, and threatens to let it out if Victoria doesn’t come to the big Memorial Party. They are always threatening each other (everyone) on this show.

Oh dear. When Emily visited Jack at his bar, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I was surprised he kissed her, but not surprised that he told her he felt nothing for her, and would expose her secret if she didn’t get her plan/revenge finished by the end of the summer. Whew!

Revenge: FearOkay, Margaux, who made an appearance at the bar in Manhattan and knew Daniel. What’s her deal? I think there might be something “later” with her. I got a vibe that she likes him or wants something from him. And although Emily really wants Jack … but, would she be jealous? The two of them do meet at the Memorial party.

OMG. Nolan parachuted into the Memorial party to avoid security (really – that’s avoiding?), and to distract everyone while Emily got a vial of some kind of liquid from him (Nolan). They gave it to Conrad to make him sick enough to go to the hospital. And then Emily gets him again! That Emily, I wouldn’t want her mad at me!

She somehow was able to get his hospital records and switch test results so it looks like he has Huntington’s Disease. I have to say, I did like that Emily blames everything on Ashley and she is outta the picture forever! Yea! I didn’t like her at … all!

Lastly, we find out Daniel and Emily set a wedding date … and then the last shot … Aiden is back. He wants to take down “the girl next door.” Uh oh, I think that’s you, Em!

I’m not sure about this first episode of season three. There were some good parts and some bad parts. It still doesn’t have the same feeling as season one. It still has a lot going on in the plot – or I should say, multiple plots. Sigh. I hope the second episode is better.

I do like Emily, Nolan, Jack and Victoria’s characters. I think they are the heart and soul of the show. I do want to know who shot Emily! Now the wait.

Did you watch the season three premiere of “Revenge”? What did you think? Are you excited for more? Please leave your comments below.



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