Revenge Recap: Control – 3×5


Here we go again. I am never let down when I sit down to watch “Revenge.” Its twists and turns keep me at attention in every episode. I love it!

Emily seems to be having a hard time keeping her plan from unraveling. I’m surprised someone (not including Jack) hasn’t figured out everything yet. Victoria is getting close, and I am getting worried about Aiden, because of his feelings for Emily.

This episode starts with (a hot shirtless) Jack with his baby at the Stowaway, and who walks in? Margaux, of course.  She invites him to the magazine launch party and he ultimately accepts. Ah yes, Jack is slowly starting to feel for her. She has been nothing but sweet to him … although I just don’t know if we can trust her. She was brought to The Hamptons for a reason, and we know that her father, Pascal LeMarchal (who we haven’t met yet), is going to have a substantial role in the show. I can’t wait! Did you like their kiss later in the episode? I don’t think Emily did!


Conrad tries to figure out who wants to kill him. He has one of his flunkies investigating, but Aiden convinces him that he is the man for the job – that he can win Charlotte back for him and get rid of Jack Porter, who they think is the one who tampered with the breaks. Conrad agrees and let’s Aiden take the job on.

Later, Aiden breaks into Jack’s place and warns him that Conrad wants him dead. He tells him to leave town and never come back. Hum.

It’s trouble in paradise for Daniel and Emily. They aren’t talking and the connection between them seems lost. Emily tries, but Daniel doesn’t want any part of it.

Later, Emily decides to take Victoria (I still can’t believe the high tension they expel in character – it’s fantastic!) and Charlotte wedding dress shopping … to try and soften the relationships. But Daniel is on to his mother, as she tries to put a wedge between Daniel and Emily with her slights and digs. Ouch!

At the dress shop, there is jab after jab (I wouldn’t be able to take it – I’d be outta there) while Emily changes. Charlotte wants to know why Victoria hates her so much. Victoria tells her that Emily had a tryst with Jack, which broke Daniels heart. Charlotte gets it now … oh, not all of it!

Nolan and Patrick … Nolan likes Patrick (yeah, no kidding) and visits him at the gallery. Patrick lets Nolan have it. He tells him how awful it was for Nolan to pay his ex-wife $20,000 for information about him. He tells him he should have just asked. Nolan was definitely taken off guard … you can see he really likes Patrick … and is attracted to him and felt bad about it. Later, he sees him again, and Patrick tells Nolan he feels like an outsider (who wouldn’t in that family?). Nolan tells Patrick he would like a second chance.

Daniel and Margaux discuss the wedding issue at the office. Margaux wants family photos of Emily and her parents. Daniel explains he’s never even seen one – that Emily’s parents died when she was young – she doesn’t talk about it or herself, for that matter. I did like that they brought that up. She really doesn’t talk about herself at all to anyone (except Nolan, who knows everything). This affected Daniel, who later tells Emily that he is breaking the engagement off. He feels he is the only one fighting for their relationship. This leaves Emily shocked and frustrated.

Back to Margaux, who rips pages from her magazine. She worries about her father who didn’t show up to the launch party. I’m telling you, when he does show up, it’s going to be big! Anyway, Victoria walks in and listens to Margaux, then gives her advice: “Learn how to control powerful men.” I’ll remember that (ha ha).

Emily goes to Nolan for advice, “I can’t call off the wedding.” She doesn’t know what to do. Nolan tells her, “The only way to win Daniel back is to share a piece of yourself.” Nolan is sweet and right … she listens. She goes and finds a photo of herself when she was a child with her parents. She goes to her house where Daniel collects his things. She gives him the photo and explains how emotional it is to talk about them and her life (I think I believed her little speech). He looks at her tenderly, and she tells him she wants to marry him. They make up – the wedding is back on! Phew, we can’t miss that!

Oh great, Aiden and Emily meet up and have a heated conversation, with both of them explaining why they are doing what they are doing. She makes it clear that she wants Jack cleared. He is jealous of Jack, but of course does what she wants. He finds out that someone in the Grayson family is the one who sabotaged the brakes. That’s a shocker! Who did you guess did it? I thought it was probably Charlotte.

Aiden meets Victoria and tells her, “It was one of your children.” I loved it. Anything to shock Victoria is great!

Okay, grand finale, here it comes (there’s a grand finale on every episode of this show!). Victoria goes to Conrad acting very upset. She tells him she knows who tried to kill him … as Charlotte appears at the door. “Oh no” – he can’t believe it, but Charlotte tells him how mad she was at him for what he did to Declan. She also wanted him to leave Jack alone. “I wanted you to suffer,” says Charlotte. Conrad forgives her … really. He understands why she was so mad. As much as I hate saying this, Conrad is a good dad to her … or shall I say, truly loves her. Uh oh, I knew it … Charlotte hugs him, as Victoria gets a grin on her face. What the heck. They tricked him, she isn’t the one who punched a hole in the brakes … it was Patrick!

Aiden and Emily meet again … Aiden tells Emily that Patrick did it. Oh, did I say that Aiden and Emily have a very nice kiss!  Emily, what the heck? Daniel (who she is using, but I think cares for him), Jack (her true love), or Aiden (who loves her, and who I think she has feelings for) … I just can’t wait to see who shoots her after the wedding!

Lastly, Patrick visits Nolan at his home … and they start taking their clothes off. I guess he forgives him!

What did you think of this episode of  “Revenge”? What is going to happen at the wedding?!


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