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As always, “Revenge” is jam-packed with intensity and thrills. I swear you can’t look away for a moment or you’ll miss something. Good thing for DVRs!

Conrad asleep – Charlotte walks into his room and touches a Bible. She picks up a letter opener, holds it above him and says, “This is for my father,” and proceeds to stab him in the heart! Oh, it was just a nightmare, leading into Emily’s entrance and his feelings of guilt…

In the third (only the third) episode, Emily helps get Conrad ready for a “confession,” or at least that is what she hopes for. She plays nice with him in hopes he will trust her, and she will finally get what she wants from him … a confession.

Nolan plans a huge housewarming party to celebrate his freedom, and to get the Hampton elite to show – who knows what will happen? Stay tuned.

Aiden (so full of anger) gives Victoria lots on Emily (at least her hasn’t told her who Emily really is – yet). He tells Victoria that Emily is a grafter and has the Grayson’s money… that he can get it back for them in a timely manner. He also tells her he was sleeping with Em after Daniel proposed. Oh lord, watch out, Emily (although you are digging yourself so far down the rabbit hole, I don’t know how you’ll ever get out).

Daniel and Margaux argue about Nolan being on the cover of the first issue of their magazine. Daniel doesn’t want him on it, but Margaux does, and I think she usually gets what she wants … including an invitation to Nolan’s party. She is a good addition to the cast. I think she will play a big part in upcoming episodes, don’t you?

Father Paul is in confession himself, and guess who’s on the receiving end? Who else – Emily. She tells him she knows what he did and knows about his involvement in her father’s death. She tells him that he must help her to get Conrad to confess or she will expose him to everyone – and we all know she will! She does promise him her forgiveness regarding David.

Charlotte and Margaux visit the Stowaway together (when did they become friends?), and Charlotte pushes Jack to go to the party with Margaux (oh great, another romance?). Jack doesn’t want to go … but, of course, ends up agreeing to do so.

Tension builds – Victoria tells Daniel that Emily bought Nolan his house, and that it cost her ten million dollars! (Okay, I’d be mad finding that out too). That’s not all. She also tells him that Emily was still sleeping with Aiden after he (Daniel) proposed. You can see Daniel’s blood pressure go up, but he doesn’t believe it.

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Nolan meets Patrick, by coincidence, at a high-end pool club. He looks pretty funny in his outfit – a hat and a vest with no shirt on. Hum? Anyway, he meets and invites the handsome Patrick to his party, not realizing he’s a “new” Grayson … until Patrick clears his bill and the server says his last name, although Patrick corrected him and says Olson. The plot thickens.

Daniel confronts Emily about purchasing Nolan’s beach house and sleeping with Aiden. She always has the right thing to say … for now. Nolan shows up as Daniel leaves. There is no love loss there.

Charlotte tries to take care of Jack. She hires a tailor to visit him at home and have a suit made for the party.

Emily interrupts a private lunch at Grayson Manor (I think I need to name my house that) between Victoria and Patrick. She hand delivers an invitation to Victoria (who thinks it’s a wedding invitation), and Victoria says to her, “You’re going to be hand delivering all four hundred wedding invitations, surely you have enough money for postage.” Oh, Victoria. I loved when Emily to Patrick, “Nolan’s looking forward to seeing you Patrick,” knowing that would burn Victoria, and it did.

Emily once again preps Conrad for confession, and then Father Paul visits Conrad and tries to convince him to turn himself in. Father Paul tells him “It will be a final chance to bring your family together.” “By clearing David’s name and reputation, you will be giving your daughter her father back … isn’t that a better way to leave this world…?” Conrad listens.

The big event, and oh was it! Nolan’s party starts with jabs from Margaux to Daniel about Nolan on the cover, Jack to Emily about her plan, and then to Emily’s surprise, Jack and Margaux are together… at least at the party… and they go for a swim… the flirtation begins. I think Emily is jealous of her relationship with Daniel and now with Jack. Fun times ahead. But let’s get to the best part! Aiden walks in with Victoria on his arm! Let the games begin!

Emily is shocked that Aiden is there, and Daniel is furious that his mother brought him. Aiden confronts Emily, and she tells him to leave. Daniel backs her and tells him to leave. Aiden to Daniel, ‘Why, what are you going to do, pull out the gun and shoot me?” Aiden to Emily, “I’m here to stay.”

Then Emily tells Victoria that she knows she’s the one who told Daniel about Nolan’s house … Emily really gets ramped up and tells Victoria if she needs a loan, she would be happy to assist, since the Graysons are bankrupt! Did I say how LOUD she said it … so all at the party-goers could hear. Whew, life in the Hamptons!

Daniel and Emily take a walk on the beach. He confronts her about her feelings for Aiden, and she denies she has any, saying she chose him over Aiden.

Father Paul and Emily talk on the phone. He tells her that if Conrad doesn’t come clean, he will. He also tells her how guilty he feels about the David Clark scandal. She tells him that she forgives him, which she had promised. He also says to her, “I urge you to let go of whatever grudge you may have, and move on, before you lose yourself. Peace be with you.” Emily sits on her swing and cries. She knows he’s right, but of course we know she can’t give up her plan at this point.

Emily visits Jack again and tries to make good.  He doesn’t buy it, and I don’t blame him.

Aiden and Victoria have a meeting. He tells her that Emily doesn’t have her money. He tells her he’s sorry for wasting her time and tries to leave. She doesn’t let him and wants his help bringing Emily down. She knows he gets under her skin, and says, “Together, we’re going to unravel and destroy that little bitch!” Wow! Victoria is pissed. I can’t wait to see the finale of this story whenever that will be. What a headliner: Victoria Grayson vs. Emily Thorn!

Back at Emily’s house, Daniel has taken it upon himself to have a security system put in. She tells him she doesn’t want one. He said with Aiden back, she needs one, and then tells her the night of Conrad’s election, he found Aiden in her house. They had a confrontation, and he shot him. She looks very concerned … about what, though?

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Conrad and Victoria at the Manor. He tells her he is going to confess. She freaks out, of course. They have a huge argument and she scratches his face. He roars out of there in his Ferrari! Go Conrad!

Emily is now at the beach at dusk. She has some kind of map. A man slowly walks up behind her. It’s Aiden. He is NOT bad after all. He’s helping her, I should have known. She wants to see where he got shot. She feels bad and we can see, she still has feelings for him. Who wouldn’t?! Good grief, this show is good!

Last scene – the Ferrari has crashed and is on fire. Of course Emily finds it. She sees a body on the curb. It’s Father Paul, and he’s dead (great). Conrad appears battered and bloody. “Emily.” She looks at him, and he looks, well, I’m not sure. Did he hit Father Paul? Did Father Paul get in front of his car? Ugh, we’ll have to wait until next week!

So what did you think of this episode of “Revenge”? I loved it! So much craziness going on. I think only “Scandal” can match the pace. What do you think?



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