Reboot News: Remington Steele and Murder, She Wrote 2.0

Octavia Spencer

“Murder, She Wrote” is getting a reboot! So is “Remington Steele”!

The original “Murder, She Wrote,” starring Angela Lansbury, ran for more than a decade on CBS. The reboot will star Academy Award-winner Octavia Spencer in the titular role. Updating the series for current day, her character will be a hospital administrator and amateur sleuth with a self-published book. The show is set to air on NBC.

NBC is looking back to the 80s for series ideas (does Hollywood not have any original ideas anymore?) and plans to reboot “Remington Steele” as well, but this time as a half hour comedy.

This reboot will follow Olivia Holt, the daughter of Remington Steele (Pierce Brosnan) and Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist), as she opens the Remington Steele agency. Hey, Doris Roberts can return as trusty sidekick and office manager, Mildred Krebs (unless they reboot the sitcom “Angie” from the late 1970s!)

Are you looking forward to these reboots? Do you think they will go the way of the “Ironside” reboot (cancelled after three episodes)? Or “Hawaii 5-0” (ratings goldmine for CBS)?


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  1. Remington Steele and Murder, She Wrote get reboots! @reellifejane

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