The bottom falls out of Schmidt’s efforts to deceive both Elizabeth and Cece in this week’s episode of “New Girl.”

Now that Winston has claimed ownership of Daisy’s cat (future cat-Schmidt-nipple-licking scenes slated, I hope), he no longer feels left out of coupledom. Jess has Nick, Schmidt has Cece (or Elizabeth) on any given day, Winston now has Ferguson.

Schmidt knows he’s in the wrong for deceiving Elizabeth and Cece, but he loves them both and can’t choose. Cece knows something is up but can’t put her finger on it, Jess is trying to help her figure out what is going on, and Nick just doesn’t want to have any part of it. He would prefer to stay in his bubble of just he and Jess and forget the rest of the world!

Jess wants to go out on a double date with Schmidt and Cece. Cece loves the idea but unbeknownst to her, Schmidt has already made plans with Elizabeth. Winston wants to tag along and prove he won’t be the fifth wheel and promises to get them a table at Picca, an “it” restaurant that you have to book months in advance. So off Winston goes to secure them a table.

Cece confides in Jess that she thinks something is up with Schmidt – maybe he’s on drugs or something. Nick is trying not to listen, but then Cece wants Nick to ask Schmidt. When he does confront Schmidt, he spills the beans about his deception and Nick doesn’t know what to do. He eventually tells Jess but he just can’t keep it from her.

Furious, Jess confronts Schmidt and insists that he tell Cece the truth. Schmidt agrees to tell her but when Cece arrives for their double date, he shuttles Cece out the door before Jess can react. Jess and Nick follow them, and it’s the slowest car chase on record. While in the car, instead of telling the truth, Schmidt tells Cece it’s Nick who is having an affair.

As both couples arrive at the restaurant (all the while, Winston has been claiming spots at a community table), Cece sees Nick and punches him in the privates. Then she punches him there again. Schmidt arrives and finally confesses to his indiscretions and while his apology is truly sincere, it’s just not sincere enough to gain Cece’s sympathy. She leaves with tears in her eyes as Winston is willing all of them to sit down already or they are going to lose the table.

New GirlBack at home, Nick and Jess form a stronger bond to each other but then they hear Elizabeth yelling at Schmidt and they run out to see her shoving a pie in his face. Cece called her fellow girl and told her what Schmidt did. Once she leaves, Schmidt focuses on a new goal – to break Nick and Jess up – as he believes they caused all his current grief.

Nick and Jess decide to spill their secrets to each other so there’s no way Schmidt can surprise either one. We find out Jess is afraid of pears (both the fruit and pear-shaped people), that she’s been banned from Lake Ontario, and she’s a member of the Green Party. We find out that Nick thinks the moon landing was faked, he is sexually attracted to ladybugs, and both think horses are from outer space!

A few laughs in the ep, but overall kind of sad because of the Cece/Schmidt/Elizabeth break up. We all knew it wasn’t going to end well, and it’s just sad no one wins. Since Merritt Wever was only a guest star, I guess it’s the last we’ll see of her for while.

As Cece is a regular on the show, how will she and Schmidt react to each other? Will Schmidt slowly creep back into her heart? We’ve got a whole season to find out. Will Schmidt slowly gain weight over the episodes leading up to the holidays in his newly depressed state? It would be funny to see.

What did you think of this week’s episode of “New Girl”? Leave comments below. 



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