All right. Back to business as usual at the Navy Yard. (Though maybe not quite … one short?)

In any case, this was the kind of “NCIS” episode that focused more on the case and less on the characters. I didn’t think the case was very exciting. What was good in the writing, though, was how everything was set up. The way our favourite “NCIS” team eventually found out exactly what was going on.

It was soon clear that Lt. J.G. Keith himself was behind that explosion in his apartment. The main thing was finding out that the explosion was meant to cover up his tracks rather than to kill someone. And, of course, finding out that Keith had bought much more of that C4 than used for that explosion. What was he going to do?

Inย  my opinion, Keith’s motives were rather dull. He couldn’t handle the fact that a woman made it through the training and was going to be deployed while he didn’t. That is it, basically. That is the reason that Keith felt compelled to blow up the Benjamin Franklin and everyone on board. I thought that was a little weak. I doubt the writers put much thought into it.

They probably focused more on how Keith was going to do it (build a bomb, get a private pilot license, and rent a small plane) and how he was going to be tracked down; through Twitter. That was quite innovative. And I’m glad that the credits went to McGee this week. (And that he got his badge and ID back!) Curious to know what you think of this!

Agent Vera Strickland. I liked her; she was fun. Of course, we already knew that she was just going to be at “NCIS” for a very short time, so in that sense, it’s not very important. But I thought she was fun and she brought good energy.

The references to Ziva made me sad. Especially Abby wearing Ziva’s scarf and McGee remarking that she wore that on her first day at NCIS. I’ve been remembering Ziva walking into the squad room for the first time. I think a lot of fans have, and it hurts to not have her there anymore. And there was the picture of ‘homely’ teenage Tony taped to Ziva’s monitor. “How close were you two?” I admit, there may have been a stray tear.

The team seemed to be handling her absence pretty well. They were upset but not very emotional. That confused me at first but then it hit me that they could not possibly have the team more upset then after Kate’s death. Even though Ziva was on the team a lot longer, she’s not dead, after all.

With Ziva, the ‘Brotherhood of Doubt’ and Benhem Parsa seem to have disappeared as well. We need to be patient for a while longer to see this case solved. “NCIS” showrunner Gary Glasberg stated in an interview with TV Lineย that we’re going to get some more traditional episodes now. Parsa is still out there and will end up on the ‘Most Wanted Wall.’

I wonder how much longer this storyline is going to last. It started back in January and now it sounds to me like it may be months before this is finally resolved. That’s very unusual, isn’t it? I like it, but I think they need to be careful not to lose the viewers. It’s very complicated as it is, and now we need to remember all these details for an indefinite amount of time. Help!


  1. Good read! ๐Ÿ™‚ IT’s a bit of a shame that I’m not completely up to date anymore, though I know enough to see your points ๐Ÿ™‚


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