NCIS Recap: Oil And Water – 11×6

NCIS: Oil & Water

In the middle of a busy week, I had this evening to look forward to sitting down with  a cup of tea to watch the new episode of my favorite show.

The sixth episode of this season of “NCIS“, in my opinion, was nothing spectacular. It felt like the writers hit a bit of a rough patch where they really weren’t sure what to do. I figured out who the bad guy was right at the start, and my guess is that the majority of viewers did. The only really good thing was Diane Neal. I’ll get back to that later.

Major Marvin Hebner was killed in an explosion on an oil rig from City Line Oil. Since the platform is in the sea, this case had our “NCIS” team working together with their old friends, CGIS – the Coast Guard. There was a lot going on with hidden malware that was downloaded onto the platform’s system through email spam. It would have left a hacker able to access everything on board and manipulate the system without being detected. That was interesting, but, unfortunately, turned out to have nothing to do with the explosion that killed Hebner.

SecNav, who is called in after the explosion, puts all other platforms on high alert, in case this is an act of terrorism. Other explosions might follow. However, nobody is certain that we’re dealing with terrorism. It’s just a precaution.

When Gibbs goes to talk to Perry Davidson and Brett Creevy, the CEO of City Line Oil and their lawyer, Creevy is the first to start talking about terrorism. That was what made me point my finger to this guy. It’s such  a giveaway when a person tries to seem innocent by randomly making statements like Creevy did. The second moment was when Creevy jumped at the opportunity to tell Gibbs about a falling out between Hebner and his operations officer, Jonah McGuire.

I thought the writing was a little weak. It was too obvious, and Gibbs didn’t even catch on to these things like he usually would. I have to say, the way Abby eventually found out it was Creevy was interesting. It was to me, anyway. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as fish leather. But really, so much more could have been done with this episode.

I also want to write down some random thoughts that are popping up in my head. First, where is Palmer? Second, where is Vance? Is it just me, or are we not seeing much of them at all so far this season? Did they go to visit Ziva in Israel?

Third, I thought Tony was weird in this episode. It’s almost like they didn’t know what to do with Tony, and somebody woke up one morning and thought it would be a good idea to have him pull some pranks. It’s something he might have done a few years ago. It’s even something he would do now but not like this. Something was off. It wasn’t really very funny.

Okay. I saved the positive stuff for last. Diane Neal. CGIS Agent Borin. If there’s anyone out there who doesn’t love her, I don’t understand. I genuinely always think it’s such a delight to have her on “NCIS.” I wish she’d appear more often. It was great to get to know more about her, but sad to hear she’d been through such  a horrible thing. Getting to know more about Borin’s past made me feel like she and Gibbs are even more alike than we thought. They know. They understand each other.

I loved how proud Gibbs looked when she got that confession from Creevy. And I loved the final scene with Borin visiting Gibbs in his basement. I thought it was nice how he sort of suggested he wouldn’t mind having her on his team. Would anyone mind? I know I wouldn’t. I mean, not as Ziva’s replacement, but I would love both Ziva and Agent Borin on the team.

Your thoughts on this episode of “NCIS”? 


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