Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Recap: The Asset – 1×3

Ian Hart guest stars as Dr. Franklin Hall on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

When a SHIELD scientist is kidnapped on this week’s “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD,” Agent Coulson and his team make plans to rescue him. When a seemingly ordinary semi-truck is hit by a team of mercenaries, we find out it’s really a SHIELD transport carrying Dr. Franklin Hall. They track the kidnapping back to philanthropist Ian Quinn.

Skye is training with Grant to be an agent. In their conversation, Grant reveals that truth serum Coulson shot him with (in the pilot) wasn’t a truth serum at all. It was all a planned Level One maneuver to win Skye over and get her to cooperate with SHIELD. It is unclear if Grant is telling the truth or not.

As the agents investigate the scene of the kidnapping, they find a small gyroscope type mechanism which was affecting the gravity field in a limited area.

Turns out Dr. Hall and Quinn know each other from when they were classmates back in school, and Quinn didn’t kidnap him to keep him hostage, but instead brought Hall to him to show Hall that he’s almost completed Hall’s life work – the Graviton. He needs Hall to fine tune the Graviton to make it work at its optimal efficiency. The small gyroscope we saw earlier? Just a sample size version of the real thing.

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: CHLOE BENNET, DAVID CONRADQuinn’s compound in Malta is practically impenetrable, but as SHIELD agents, none of Coulson’s team can go in – except for Skye. Plus, Skye has wrangled an invite to Quinn’s party through her Rising Tide connections. She waltzes into Quinn’s compound in this cute hot pink dress (I want to know where I can get that dress!).

Quinn tries to hire her on the spot, but as he goes to the podium to make a speech, Skye sneaks away to try to find Quinn’s computer.  I’m not sure how anyone wearing hot pink can “sneak away,” but hey that’s not the point, is it?

Coulson joins Grant in the field on their rescue mission as Melinda May has re-stated to Coulson she doesn’t want to go into combat. While Grant is dressed to the nines in combat gear, Coulson is dressed to the nines in a suit and tie. A suit and tie?! He’s going to lead a rescue mission in a suit and tie? I guess he’s America’s answer to James Bond then?

Quinn catches her but she covertly lets him know that “SHIELD is listening.” Is she turning against SHIELD? No, it turns out she’s just playing the game by her rules and using her wiles to sweet-talk Quinn.

Coulson gets to Dr. Hall and it turns out he set up the whole thing, knowing Quinn would come for him. His agenda isn’t to help Quinn with the Graviton. His agenda is to destroy it.

As it starts to activate, it alters the gravitational field. Cue Lionel Richie music as Coulson and Hall are “Dancing on the Ceiling.” As the Graviton gets stronger, Coulson and Hall are tossed around like rag dolls. Fitz and Simmons tell Coulson he needs a catalyst to stop the Graviton. The only catalyst handy is Dr. Hall himself.

Coulson shoots the glass partition as Hall falls through and gets sucked into the Graviton. Doesn’t look like he’s dead, though, and he’s not. If you’re familiar with the Marvel Universe, you may know that Dr. Franklin Hall becomes Graviton, a Marvel villain.

Recognize the actor who played Dr. Hall? That’s Ian Hart, best known as Professor Quirrell from “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

What was going on with David Conrad’s hair? Not sure who the hairstylist was, but it looked like a bad toupee or some odd helmet! It was distracting.

If the Graviton was powering up, how can Quinn escape in his helicopter? Wouldn’t the Graviton affect the helicopter’s mechanics and ability to take off?

How did Hall pour his drink sideways, yet the liquor remained in the glass upright? If the Graviton was pulling the gravity sideways, wouldn’t the liquor lie in the cup sideways as well?

Notice Coulson couldn’t cock his gun or remember how to? Another idiosyncrasy of being a clone?

I’ve fallen into a pool fully dressed, and let me tell you, I did not look like Skye did coming out of the pool!

Guess what? Skye is my sister from another mister! Actress Chloe Bennet’s real name is actually Chloe Wang.

What did you think of the episode of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD”? I’m still enjoying the show – are you?


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  3. Chris Avatar

    What is the name of the song playing at the beginning of The Asset episode, that the truck is singing along to before the mayhem? I think part of the lyrics include “high and low I’ve travelled far and wide I go …” but I’m unable to find anything.

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