Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Recap: Eye Spy – 1×4


I spy with my little eye … a spy with a computerized eye!

So this was kind of a ‘meh’ episode of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.” I didn’t find it all that intriguing or exciting, but it seemed to include one bit that may play in later episodes.

After Akela Amador, a former SHIELD agent, is seen on CCTV and various online user-generated videos stealing a suitcase full of diamonds from a mass of decoys in creepy red masks, the team tracks her with the intent to capture her. We find out the reason the team is tracking this woman is because Coulson trained her. He had faith in her then and still has faith in her now.

May and Coulson argue over whether or not they should bring her in or kill her, or as Skye says, “It wasn’t nearly as terrible watching mom and dad fight…” referring to the two unintentional parental units on board “The Bus.” May is doubtful of Akela’s goodness since she already tried to kill Fitz, Simmons, and Skye while they were stuck in the surveillance van. The team discovers that Akela has a bionic eye that serves as a camera and computer screen where she is being fed orders to steal, hunt, etc.

May takes it upon herself to eliminate the threat, but Akela fights back because if she doesn’t kill May then “they” will kill her, speaking of the unknown entity that is controlling her through her bionic eye. Akela gets the upper hand but Coulson comes to ‘mom’s’ rescue and hits Akela with a superhero stun gun.

When Akela awakes, he tells her that the team has hijacked the feed to her bionic eye, and Ward is wearing glasses that are mimicking what she is seeing and completing the mission that she was given. Fitz and Simmons are tasked with removing the failsafe from her eye – a kill switch of sorts.

Ward goes in to finish Akela’s mission and ends up in a room with some researchers and a wall of chalkboards full of equations that Leonard and Sheldon would be envious of. He finds himself in front of one chalkboard with seemingly nonsensical dots and lines – it kind of looked like a scantron test.  His bionic eye takes the image and sends the message “Mission Complete.” So what was that ‘equation’ on the chalkboard? Alien technology or weaponry? Chemical weaponry of some sort? This little bit is bound to play in later episodes serving as one building block to a much bigger plot. Akela is saved just in time.

Akela knows Coulson from the past and he apparently was nothing like the Coulson of today. That takes us back to the clone theory. Actually, I’ll call it the “Sourdough” theory because I think, like a good sourdough bread where you take a bit of dough (starter dough) from one loaf to make the next loaf and so on and so on, SHIELD took a bit of the original Coulson – starter Coulson – to make a new Coulson. Does that mean he just gets more flavorful with each batch?

The original Coulson probably died in the 50s (hence his obsession with vintage items and antiques). Agent Coulson could easily fit in the 50s and 60s as he does in the 21st Century. Perhaps they can do a time-travel crossover episode with the gang from Torchwood and Captain Jack Harkness!

What did you think of this episode of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD”? Are you still sticking with it or did you delete the season pass off your DVR already?


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  1. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Recap: Eye Spy – 1×4

  2. Will Coulson get more flavorful with each batch? Read about my “Sourdough” theory in my latest recap! @clarkgregg

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