Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Recap: 0-8-4 – 1×2

Agents of SHIELD

In this week’s episode of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD,” Skye has joined the team unofficially, much to the dismay of May and Ward. Picking up where last week’s season premiere left off, the agents are heading to Peru to investigate an “O-8-4” — basically, an unidentified object of unknown origin (isn’t that a UFO?). The last O84? A hammer (presumably Thor’s and not Home Depot’s).

Ward makes mention of “working with the cavalry” when speaking to May, to which she grunts “Don’t ever call me that.” They are descended upon by Peru’s national police. Coulson goes to investigate and it turns out he knows their beautiful Sofia Vergara-esque leader, Camilla Reyes. What was their past history? She offers him some piece of special Peruvian chocolate. He takes a bite and toys with the rest. They are soon distracted by a rebel attack and Coulson pulls out his gun.

So as a woman, when there is chocolate involved, I need to know every piece was enjoyed. I did not see Coulson put the last piece in his mouth, nor did I see him chuck it to the ground to pull his gun. Did he put it in his pocket? These are the burning questions I need answered. 😮

The crew escapes, but barely. Coulson is behind them with his Peruvian ex-fling (or so we assume) and some of her policia, but will he make it on the plane? Lola looks like she’s in the line of fire, yet it doesn’t look like Coulson’s vintage Corvette got any damage.

The O84 seems to incorporate tesseract technology. Fitz tells them it has a tesseract fuel cell which means it contains more power than one nuclear bomb. We’re talking the power of multiple nuclear bombs.

Agents of Shield: IAIN DE CAESTECKERThe team is having trouble communicating with each other. Their personalities clash, and while they all speak English, they don’t speak the same language.

Skye and Ward have a moment (complete with romantic music cues), but he starts to notice that all the national policia on the plane aren’t imbibing on the drinks they have on the table. Coulson and Camilla are up in a collectibles room … alone. Camilla is trying to seduce him but this Coulson, an older and wiser Coulson, isn’t having any of it. He seems behind her ruse.

A friend made the suggestion that our Agent Coulson is a clone and that the original died as seen in “The Avengers” film. I’m really starting to think he is a clone, after all. Even though it’s only the second episode, have you noticed every time he refers to Tahiti he adds the phrase, “It’s a magical place.”? Almost as if he’s been hypnotized to say that … or programmed to.

Camilla wants the O84 artifact and she thinks Coulson’s little band of brothers is easy pickings. She’s partly right. Her goons are able to capture the team and tie them up. We find out Melinda May wasn’t just part of the Cavalry, she was the Cavalry. Sounds like she was a one-woman SWAT team.

While they are tied up, the team piecemeals a plan together and they finally start speaking the same language because they have one common denominator between them – Camilla as the enemy.  They escape their captors and work together to execute their plan.

To create a distraction, Fitz sends Sneezy the Drone in to activate the O84, which blows a hole in the hull. While they work together to retrieve the o84 and not get sucked out of the hole in the plane, Skye, who actually did read the safety manual Ward slapped into her hand when she first got on the plane, separates herself from the rest of the team to get the emergency life raft. She deploys it just in time and it gets sucked toward the breach in the plane and actually creates a barrier and pressure in the cabin is able to stabilize.

In actuality, I would think the flimsy material of the life raft would have gotten sucked out the plane also.

The O84 is sent back into space with “The Slingshot.” While the plane is in ruins, Lola manages to escape unscathed.

We see Skye receive a text message from the Rising Tide. She texts back, “I’m in.” Bah! She’s still working for them?! Will she betray Ward and the others for the Rising Tide? I imagine she’ll be tested once she and Ward fall in love and she becomes good friends with Fitz and Simmons as well as Coulson becoming a father figure to her. How will she be able to betray them then?

Did you stay for the 20 seconds following the closing credits as ABC teased all week? If you did, you weren’t disappointed! Nick Fury drops by to yell at Coulson for smashing up the plane within a week of having it. It was a fun little “easter egg.”

What did you think of the second episode of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD”? Any glaring mistakes I missed?  Are you craving chocolate now?


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