Kimberly Rants AND Raves: What’s Really Up With Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus

I have been planning on writing a piece on Miley Cyrus for our new Rants and Raves section for a week, but postponed it because I wanted to see her host “SNL” (hilarious), perform on “The Today Show,” and be interviewed and perform on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” – both very good. I realized that I had better write something, or I will just have to keep waiting. That’s how “hot” she is right now.


Rant: I guess my rant stems from Miley’s VMA performance with Robin Thicke. I hadn’t seen Miley perform for quite some time, and as I sat and watched her (with my family, including my 13-year-old daughter), I was a little shocked ( to say the least) by what I perceived to be too raunchy and provocative for Hannah Montana.

My daughter was somewhat “grossed out” seeing some of the things she did during the performance. I was turned off by her behavior, quite frankly. I am all for “artists” being artists, but I also believe you can be provocative while maintaining some class. How could our Hannah Montana, who millions of girls looked up to and admired, do this?! That being said … on to my Rave.

Rave: As mentioned in my Rant, Miley Cryrus gave a shocking and provocative performance at the VMAs in August. The question is, why was it shocking? It was shocking because we all have known Miley for years playing Hannah Montana, the character. That’s right, character. She was the girl next door on a show that parents loved their kids (especially daughters) to watch. It was safe, had a good message, and featured someone for girls to look up to.

Here’s the thing, Hannah Montana was a character who was obviously completely “opposite” of Miley Cyrus. Miley played Hannah for six seasons, and now Miley is concentrating on her music and her artistry (although some may not like what she’s doing), and what a great job she is doing. Her songs and album are near the top of the charts, she is doing countless interviews and performing on the hottest TV shows.

What I like best, is that she is explaining herself … which she did to Matt Lauer and Ellen Degeneres. She claimed this is the real her. She is growing as a person, this is who she is, and her real fans know it and are sticking by her. After watching her on Ellen, my daughter said, “Mom, she is being who she wants to be, not who others want her to be.” What a profound statement from my 13-year-old.

On an interesting note, Miley said in her interview with Ellen, that if people really sat down and heard what she had to say and knew that she has a plan for her life, they wouldn’t mind her. I really thought she spoke well and let everyone see who Miley Cyrus really is … a 20-year-old kid, pushing the envelope, doing things the way she wants to do them, and getting fantastic results.

Personally, I wish Miley would tone it down a little (that’s the mom in me), but she is doing an exceptional  job marketing herself and explaining herself (why do we have to explain ourselves?), and she truly is a talented song writer, singer and actress.

BTW, look back at  Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna,  to name just a few artists who “push the limits.”  Uh, huh, they were/are at the top of the charts.

Miley quotes:

“Lady Gaga was wearing a thong, and nobody said anything about that.”

“I’m being true to myself.”

“It’s really a nervous habit.” (on the tongue thing because she hates taking pictures)

“I care what my fans think a lot.”

“I’m all down with getting better and continuing to grow…”

What are your thoughts on Miley Cyrus? Does she go too far or is she just being herself? We would love to hear your comments. 


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  1. Kimberly Rants AND Raves: What’s Really Up With Miley Cyrus?

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