Ghost Mine: SyFy Channel
Ghost Mine’s Jamol wishing he was anywhere else

This week on “Ghost Mine,” the continual malfunctioning of the mine equipment for the past few days culminates in a frightening occurrence when the mucker Jamol is working on catches fire inside the mine. Fortunately, Dingus is there to help avert disaster.

Jamol is severely shaken and sits out the rest of the night. His ‘this is fun’ attitude has been replaced with an unmistakable air of fear. Stan decides it’s best to stop the 12-hour split shifts and return to the one-day shift for everyone.

In the previous episode, we left Patrick & Kristen at Snake River doing an investigation when Patrick is visibly affected by some unseen force and goes down, ending up curled in a ball in his tent. When we return this week Patrick, is not talking about the incident. Hmmm.

Once back at the mine, Patrick believes that the entity is drawing energy from the equipment in an attempt to communicate. Mr. Entity, can you pick one machine and stick with it? We’re trying to find gold here. Maybe they should just throw an old machine in the mine and let E. suck the thing dry.

Next day when the miners start up the drilling equipment, no water is coming through the line. Upon inspection, they find the water supply is bone dry, which means more delays while they refill the tank. P & K decide to use a Tesla Coil to let the entity suck the energy from that instead of ruining the mine’s equipment. He must have read my mind.

I’ve seen the Tesla Coil at the Griffith Observatory in L.A., and for someone that likes shiny objects, it’s heaven. If you don’t know what that is, it’s like generating your own lightning storm – in this case, out of an object the size of a table lamp. The Griffith Observatory’s is the size of a small room so it’s quite a show. Think the 1931 Frankenstein movie “Its alive!” scene.

Ghost Mine: A Snack for the Entity
A Snack for the Entity

P & K have supercharged the mine with enough electricity for the entity to run a marathon. When they go back in to investigate, there is a lot of banging noise going on deep in the mine. They hear a growl and then the noise really picks up and rushes by them, and then it gets quiet.

Next morning, they play a recording of a shadow figure and the growl for the miners. Jamol looks ashen and there are a few furrowed brows. Bottom line, the miners are too close to stop now. P & K say they’ll continue investigating and to let them know if they hear anything. Wide eyes all around.

The local mayor shows up the next day and recounts another horrifying story referred to as the McEwen Massacre, when 18 Chinese miners accused of stealing a cow were chased into a cabin and burned to death. Location? Pretty close to the mine.

The miners go back to work and blast upwards, releasing a pile of muck from the roof and exposing a hole up there. A few try to have a look, but they’re too big, they gaze around zoning in on Jamol. He’s the only one slim enough to squeeze up into the hole.

Ghost Mine: Robot On the Lose
Robot On the Loose

Jamol refuses, but nothing gets a guy to do something foolhardy like a bunch of men questioning your manliness. “C’mon, Jamol, it’s time to mine up.”

He looks like an animal being led to slaughter as he climbs the ladder and keeps hearing a growling noise up in the hole and comes right back down. Dingus decides to get RIPA up there to investigate.

P & K head over to the site of the massacre to do an EVP session. They hear something walking in the woods and follow it. The temperature starts to drop, then Kristen screams and says something touched her twice, but no other phenomena occurs.

Next day, the miners create a brace and hoist RIPA up into the hole, but before they get it settled up top and out of the straps, the motor starts on its own and attempts to take off while some of the men try holding it back and yell “Turn it off!” Pandemonium ensues. Fade to black.



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