Ghost Mine: Mystery Train

In this episode of “Ghost Mine,” we return to Kristen and Patrick’s investigation of the Chinese burn house area where security guard Cary gave chase to ‘the trespasser,’ and they pick up a figure watching them from the woods on the full spectrum camera.

The next day, upon review of the EVPs they hear a train whistle and decide to go into Sumpter to get some background info, learning that trains were used to bring in supplies and transport dead miners. At the time they captured the train whistle EVP, the train was not running.

While there, they decide to investigate the train yard. They hear footsteps and capture a figure watching them from onboard the train. When they enter the train car, it’s empty. They take a train ride in that car, and while Kristen is checking instrument readings, Patrick asks, “Are you one of the dead that was transported on this train?”

The door opens behind her. She knows she shut it and closes it tightly again. She alerts Patrick to what is happening, and he asks if anyone opened the door. You can see the doorknob start to turn and the door opens again.

Ghost Mine: Mystery Train

Next morning, Jamol is building an herb garden on the cook shack roof. Greybeard says, “I don’t want garden crap. I got my pipe, I got my coffee, and I got my meat.” The crew is making progress and building platforms inside the mine. Mikey keeps hearing noises and the temperature drops, so they decide it’s time to leave.

Patrick and Kristin are using a map to keep track of the activity by pinning each area, and realize the activity is spreading throughout the whole town. Jay’s son Ashton captured evidence of a shadow figure on his camera while filming the family having breakfast at the Elkhorn. The Elkhorn used to be the Belvedere in the 1860s, and miners and their families used to stay there. The former owners have also had paranormal experiences when they ran the Elkhorn. It’s thought that the place is haunted by the wife of a dead miner who drank herself to death.

Patrick and Kristin investigate the Elkhorn and capture some high EMF levels. Kristin asks if anyone has a message, and two pool cues fall over. Then she asks for another noise and they get a knock. When Patrick mentions the Crescent Mine, he gets a heat signature on a chair.

The next day, Patrick and Kristin show the miners the evidence from the last few days, revealing the figure caught watching them in the woods, the EVP of the train whistle, Ashton’s shadow figure, and the figure caught on the train. The evidence is piling up quickly now.

Today’s cliffhanger – and maybe the most important of the season – is a forest fire seen down the hill and moving rapidly towards the only escape route out.



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