Ghost Mine: Massacre at Hell's Canyon

This week’s episode of “Ghost Mine” starts with the whole crew having to bail due to an encroaching forest fire. Meanwhile, Patrick and Kristen take a side trip to Snake River to investigate the site where the floating bodies of Chinese miners ended up down river after the massacre that took place approximately 100 years ago.

Next day the forest fire has been put out and the miners want to get back and start work immediately. They’ve decided to do split crews and work round the clock. When the dayshift starts setting up equipment that pumps air into the mine, it starts to malfunction which holds up the crew from hitting the jackpot.

Back at the river, the guide recounts the details about the tragic incident and reveals that the gang of murderers were caught but never brought to justice. K & P are concerned that the Chinese are not at rest because they weren’t properly buried.

Duck and Greybeard are back in the mine collecting samples when Duck hears a phantom crew working alongside them. He gets increasingly unnerved and demands that they leave now! Duck, if you can get some extra help gratis, go for it – they won’t eat much either. Probably a residual crew that doesn’t realize their shift has been over for 100 years.

Back at Snake River, in the distance Patrick sees a figure watching them from above, and when they get even with the area, nothing. Oh wait a minute, this boat ride down the river is a one-way ticket. Cue creepy music.

It’s now nighttime and the lights in the shacks start to flicker and then the day crew is plunged into darkness. Someone – or something – obviously wants to play while the investigators are away.

P & K start the investigation at the site where the bodies washed up. They’re getting high EMF spikes, and there aren’t any electrical wires to explain away why the numbers are off the charts.

Patrick starts an EVP session asking questions in English and Cantonese. Let’s hope he’s getting the inflections right and not asking the undead if they want to sell their goat.

Too bad these spikes are right next to their tents, which brings us to the biggest question of the season – are Patrick and Kristen a couple? I’ve done my own visual investigation this season and haven’t seen one visual cue. Either they are hyper-professional or they’re at that point in their relationship where the excitement has faded and you might as well be brother and sister.

At the mine, the night shift is also having problems with the equipment, further holding up progress.

While Patrick is asking questions to either the air or the ghost, depending on your belief system, he spots a figure lurking nearby. Kristen also sees the figure, so they start to hike up the ridge to check it out. As luck would have it, the shadow has a previous engagement. Patrick decides to speak to the shadow and get its attention.

Unfortunately, the shadow is now at the top of a hill of extremely loose rocks. Of course, Patrick decides he needs to climb up there in the dark. I wonder what kind of coverage the SyFy Channel has and if the insurance company will honor the policy due to foolhardy ghost chasing. If Patrick was using his bean, he’d realize the ghost can’t stay up there all night.

Patrick is scaling up the side of this rock face when a huge chunk of rock slides away from underfoot. Fortunately, he had a good hold above and didn’t plunge to his death because, remember, they were dropped off for the night.

Later, there’s a shot from the static camera that is trained on the tents – yep, tents. A motion detector goes off, and P&K emerge from separate tents. Really? I thought the other tent was for a cameraman. This reminds me of the time Barbie and Ken were stuck out in the wilderness and get quarantined together and there’s only one tent.

“Ghost Mine” outdoes itself in this episode by introducing a double cliffhanger. First, Patrick is checking out whatever set off the motion detector when suddenly, he’s brought to his knees, choking and gasping for breath. You guessed it – there’s no way out. It’s still dark, so no one is coming for them yet.

Back at the mine, at the mouth of the cave the night crew is busy moving rocks with a backhoe and other mine-related duties, which probably has something to do with moving more rock from point A to point B when a fire breaks out.

While, yeah, it’s kind of exciting to have the damsel tied to the tracks as a train bares down on her, I don’t want to see the gang tempting fate next week by ratcheting it up with a three-way tale of woe. By the end of this season, I want to see some real gold, dammit! I must be channeling Larry, the mine owner.



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