Ghost Mine Recap: Ghosts of the Geiser Grand – 2×5

Ghost Mine: Ghosts of the Geiser Grand

On this week’s episode of “Ghost Mine,” we’re back at the Chinese Walls. A rock moves next to Patrick and they see something in the distance and, suddenly, the new batteries for the equipment is sucked dry. So there’s not much they can do but leave.

The next day, Larry announces that he’s hired a security guard for the camp. The miners go inside the mine and get a sample from the new vein. The rock is good on the ceiling, so they’ll be drilling up, and that’s dangerous. Jamol and Jay are cleaning up overhead debris and hear a strange sound they can’t explain, and decide to get the hell out.

Patrick and Kristen find out that Baker City, once considered the Paris of the West, was the seat of power for all deals in railroads, mines, and lumber, and those deals were made in the Geiser Grand Hotel’s dining room. Today’s dining room help can hear glasses and silverware tinkling while setting up for the next day.

The Chinese had to use underground tunnels to go to work in the hotel, and there were gates that would open and close to let them in and keep them out at night. They were not allowed to use the streets. People see what looks like a man run from one end of the basement of the hotel to the other.

Patrick and Kristen do an EVP session in the Chinese tunnels and get a reading on the Mel Meter hearing a thumping noise nearby. They move on to the basement to do an EVP session and ask for a noise and get one. The Mel Meter numbers are rising, and a motion detector goes off. Patrick starts asking questions about the gambling and if the Crescent Mine was used by the Masons. Suddenly, a glass is thrown on the floor and shatters.

Patrick and Kristen move on to the dining room and set up a card game using cash as bait, and it seems like someone shows up for the game. Patrick thinks everything in the town is connected – the mine, the Chinese workers, the hotel, and the Masons.

Back at the mine, they are drilling up into the ceiling to put in some blast caps. Patrick reminds us that they have gotten readings on the ceiling, so there is energy of some kind there and blasting into it could release that energy.

The next morning, they get the men together after listening to the results of the previous night’s investigation. Kristen tells the guys about the Chinese walls and plays a sound they heard during the investigation. “Did something bad happen at the Crescent?” The answer – yes. Then Patrick plays back his question – did the Masons ever talk about the Crescent being a lodge? That’s when the glass breaks.

The next day, after the blast it looks like the vein they found is good high-grade ore. Cary, the security guard, sends out a call that he’s following the trespasser through the woods and it’s headed towards the camp. Of course, no one and nothing is there. When it’s dark, Patrick and Kristen go to where Cary spotted the trespasser to investigate. The episode ends when Kristen gets a reading in the bushes and captures a shadow figure on her camera.






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  1. Ghost Mine Recap: Ghosts of the Geiser Grand – 2×5

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