First New Show of the Fall Season Cancelled – Which One Is It?

Lucky 7
The cast of (un)Lucky 7 isn’t celebrating anymore | ABC

When it happens, it’s short and quick, and relatively painless. What am I talking about? The studio ax. The ax fell upon ABC’s “Lucky 7” after only two episodes, the first of many to fall of the new fall season shows.

“Lucky 7” was the lowest rated drama debut this season and lost half of those viewers with its second episode.  As I had said in my fall preview rundown, the show held no interest for me. None of the characters were really likeable and no one cared what happened to these people.

As far as the next to get the ax? I imagine “Dads” will get to the chopping block soon. Critics panned it, the laugh track is horrible, and the Asian stereotype they keep pushing on Brenda Strong borders, if not crosses, the line of offensive.

With Seth MacFarlane at the helm, it might hold out for a few more episodes, but it certainly won’t get renewed. “We Are Men” will probably feel the swing of the ax before “Dads.” When are studio execs going to learn – it’s the women who really control the remote!

Oddly, “Brooklyn-Nine-Nine” is actually doing well despite that terrible pilot. I’ll have to give this one another go. I love Andre Braugher, and Andy Samberg does make me laugh in some instances so I’m hoping the show is similar to “30 Rock” in its beginning with their growing pains. Remember, the first half of Season 1 of “30 Rock” was bad, barely laughable, but they found their voice and Fey had the confidence of NBC behind her so they let the show continue and lucky for them (and for us) it became a hit. I mean, The Rural Juror, will live on in infamy, don’t you think?

From what I’ve been reading, “Betrayal” hasn’t been doing too well, but I really enjoyed this show. The chemistry between the two leads is palpable, in my opinion, and the underlying story with the brother and murder keep the intrigue going. Maybe ABC needs to go more campy and soap opera-y with this and make it like “Dynasty.” I loved that show back in the 80s!

Despite a strong cast, “Hostages” hasn’t really kept its audience captive, losing viewers with each airing. Dylan McDermott might be too good looking to be a bad guy. A good bad guy is plain looking, non-distinct, that’s why people can’t remember specifics about them after a crime. Even with a mask on, McDermott has those Caribbean blue eyes, who could forget those?

What new shows have you watched? Who do you think will make the cut? Who won’t?


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  1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

    Well, it’ll save me from writing that “Rants” column I’d been pondering. Not only did Lucky 7 not draw me in, but there was a really uncomfortable sex scene in the first 30 seconds. I realize it’s a 10 p.m. show, but there are still kids watching TV at that hour, and that’s not the kind of thing you want to see on TV when you’re sitting next to your teenager on the couch.

    Agree – Brooklyn Nine-Nine isn’t as godawful as the pilot, so there’s that. Dads is terrible. Haven’t watched We Are Men or Betrayal yet, but have only heard good things. Hope they don’t get the ax. Then again, if they get the ax, better now than after I watch an episode or two and get hooked.

  2. First New Show of the Fall Season Cancelled – Which One Is It?

  3. First New Show of the Fall Season Cancelled – Which One Is It?

  4. Lori Avatar

    I love Hostages and hope it doesn’t get cancelled. The new comedies are awful and really stupid. Hostages is one of the few of the new shows that I enjoy watching.

  5. cindy loo Avatar
    cindy loo

    I watched Betrayal and won’t be watching a second episode. It was bad. Lucky 7 never interested me. I have Hostages on my DVR, but haven’t watched that one yet.

  6. First New Show of the Fall Season Cancelled – Which One Is It?

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