Dancing With the Stars Recap: Top 5 Dances – 17×3

Dancing With the Stars
We’ve made it to the first theme night, dance fans! This week’s “Dancing With the Stars” celebrates Hollywood, especially old, 1920s Hollywood, with lots of Quicksteps and Charlestons. But first, DWTS takes a page from the “So You Think You Can Dance” handbook by starting each show with a group number to introduce the couples. While they have to rely on the pros to get most of the work done, the numbers are still fun. They just need to be better about crediting the recorded music.

Here are my favorite routines from Hollywood Night:

1. Corbin and Karina’s Quickstep: OMGoodness! What an amazing quickstep! I think Karina is not being hyperbolic by saying it’s the fastest quickstep ever attempted on the show. Corbin danced his first ballroom routine perfectly, with great use of Lindy kicks and amazing footwork—except for the terrible camera angle of them behind the audience’s heads.

The costumes tonight are equally as stunning, especially Cheryl’s 60s dress, the several flapper dresses, and Karina’s gorgeous negligée ball gown. Corbin will really have to screw up to not end up in my Top 5 in the future.

2. Elizabeth and Val’s Foxtrot: Elizabeth seems a little unsure at times, and the final drop and recovery was a bit rough, but she danced a really lovely routine with 1930s style class. But I agree with Tom: “Hashtag stop” with the Hashtag talk.

3. Bill Engvall & Emma’s Paso Doble: At first I thought Emma was Pocahontas, so Bill’s costume made no sense, but apparently they’re the Lone Ranger and Tonto. Well, ok then. I was afraid this would be horribly painful, and it was slightly awkward at times, but Bill did a great job.

The most awkward thing was dancing a paso to the William Tell Overture, which is so clearly not paso music. But he’s adorable, and he knew he nailed it.

4. Christina and Mark’s Charleston: What’s with the clown face? She’s adorable, but the concept is kind of dumb, and unnecessary. Great music choice, though, from the Off-Broadway musical “The Wild Party” (which I think is where the clown concept really came from).

Derek and Amber’s Charleston may have had more actual Charleston content, while this routine had more swing and jazz moves, but both were great fun.

5. Nicole and Sasha’s Quickstep: I never watched “Jersey Shore” or “Snooki and JWoww,” but I’m starting to become a fan! She is absolutely adorable, and danced a fantastic quickstep, especially for her first ballroom routine.

And the one-handed cartwheel, which sounded like an insane thing to attempt, was flawless and thrilling. Great music, too: the “Moulin Rouge” version of “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.” It’s been a Baz Luhrmann night (which is a good thing).

The eliminations went much faster tonight, thankfully, and America got it right. It’s a little sad that Bill Nye is going home, since he was a great sport, but there are so many strong dancers this season, and he needs to take care of his injury.

Incidentally, I wonder what doctors they use. Doctors will always say “don’t dance on it”—unless you go to a doctor who works specifically with dancers and athletes. Then again, they obviously wanted the heightened drama, since they dragged it out all night.

What did you think, dance fans? Are you sad to see Bill Nye go? Who were your favorites on this week’s “Dancing With the Stars”?


4 responses to “Dancing With the Stars Recap: Top 5 Dances – 17×3”

  1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

    I have to say, I’m kind of sorry to see Bill Nye go. He’s just so beautifully nerdy. But yeah, that robot dance was just… I don’t even know what to say about that.

    I couldn’t tell if it was a human attempting to be a robot or a robot attempting to be a human. I can’t claim that – Jimmy Fallon just said it on his show.

    1. Renée Camus Avatar

      Yeah, I’m sorry to say, that dance was probably more painful for us watching than it was for him doing it. He was sweet, and obviously had a good time and tried his best, but it’s better that he take care of his leg.

  2. @reellifejane Avatar

    Dancing With the Stars Recap: Top 5 Dances – 17×3 http://t.co/rdZQM38ezr

  3. @camusr6 Avatar

    Are you happy with the results of this weeks #DWTS? And how bout those quicksteps! Recap the ep here: http://t.co/C7LUlBwO0T @reellifejane

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