Castle: What's What Partners Do

We left off last week’s episode of “Castle” with Castle needing an antidote for the toxin he inhaled ASAP, and I mean fast. He was given 24 hours to live when we last saw him.

Now, the problem is there is an antidote, but only one vial, and it was stolen along with the toxin. Will Beckett and the team find the antidote in time? Of course, we all knew the answer is yes. But a lot of work was involved in finding it.

I liked this episode. It had a compelling story (and was in D.C.), a deadline, and some emotions. Beckett was in fear that they wouldn’t find the antidote in time. “I’m not letting you out of our engagement that easily,” she said.

Castle contacting Martha (his wonderful mother) and Alexis when he thought he was going to die. They could hear in his voice that there was something wrong – you know, he wasn’t the usual “fun loving” Castle on the phone.

The story was good and included everyone – Castle communicating with  Ryan and Esposito about the “confidential” case. Interesting that Esposito knew about “Dreamworld,” a “ghost military base” where things happen that need to happen without anyone knowing (does that sound like the government or what? Just sayin…).

I really liked Lisa Edelstein – she makes for a good agent. If Castle wasn’t Beckett’s partner, I could see McCord and Beckett working well together. We do know that Beckett will go back to NYC, don’t we? That’s her beat and she does like things “black and white,” as McCord identified at the end of the episode.

It was intriguing having such top secret information involved, and didn’t you love that Beckett isn’t afraid to confront anyone – including the Secretary of Defense!? Loved it. Go Beckett! He was a dirty player, covering up some of his doings in Afghanistan, but that’s what you get when you are involved at that level of the government – at least in some cases. castle

Lastly, I liked the hospital scene. Castle’s family – oh, no, and goofy Pi. Oh well, he makes for light-hearted entertainment. That’s what “Castle” himself is about, right!?

Although I think the D.C. storyline was a good way to shake things up on the show – different vibe and all – I’m thinking they will wrap that soon and get back to the precinct in NYC, where they belong.

Are you enjoying that they took “Castle” to D.C.? Did you like the story? Are you thinking about a wedding sometime in the near future?

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