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In this week’s episode of “Castle,” Beckett deals with insomnia (and keeps Castle awake), unsure about what she’s doing with her job and life.

Castle says to her, “You’re with me now, you don’t need to work.” Beckett, “What are you, my sugar daddy?” Castle realizes that didn’t come out well. While Castle and Beckett still lie in bed, Pi and Martha walk right in! Ha ha. I love it!

I can’t believe the 12th precinct won’t take her back because of a hiring freeze … really. She was their top detective, in my book!

Gate needs Castle, because a distraught woman is held up (with hostages) in a dental office after being chased by police. A dead body was found in her apartment … her boyfriend. Why Castle? Because the woman only wants to talk to Castle. She’s his “Number One Fan.”

Castle must go in and meet her, but first she quizzes him about his books to make sure it is really him. That was funny. Her name is Emma Riggs and she seems desperate. The cops need a code word if he gets into trouble … Beckett says, “Cheeseburgers, he loves cheeseburgers.” Beckett tells him not to do anything stupid while inside, because she is looking forward to spending the rest of her life with him.

He gets inside, and Emma  is really out of sorts. She wants him to prove her innocence (we know he can do it!), and knows he can solve murders. Emma thought her boyfriend, Angela Vazquez, was going to propose to her on her birthday, but she ends up finding him dead on her floor that morning. Castle asks what happened last night. She tells him she had her usual glass of scotch, and had no plans to see her boyfriend.

Back at the apartment, Beckett (who Gates allows to help with the case), Ryan, Espo, and Lanie investigate the scene. They find meds that Emma takes for mood disorders, and also find Angelo’s cell phone, discovering texts from Emma accusing him of having an affair. They let Castle know and Emma  said she wanted to know why he kept going to Scarsdale without any explanation.

Castle Recap: No. One Fan

Castle shows Emma the texts on her phone. She doesn’t remember writing the texts. He also says the scotch bottle was found empty. Castle tells her he is going to help her find the truth. She is confused. I think Castle feels sorry for her. He finds something odd on the phone. Things don’t match up on the phone – how she texts “love you.” It is shown in two different ways … like two different people sent texts.

One of the hostages (always a bozo in the bunch, right?), is a hot head and Castle worries he may do something stupid. Castle leaves to take Emma’s phone out for prints and tells Beckett that she is unstable, but might be innocent.

At the precinct, the team converges to try and figure out if Emma was framed. Scully (the newbie), Beckett and Castle dig into Angelo’s past. Scully calls after finding Angelo’s truck with lots of tools … for robbing people? Beckett confirms that Angelo was out of work – he must work for the U.S. Government (just kidding).

Castle goes back in to see Emma. He wants her to let the hostages go. Beckett calls him warning that she killed her foster brother (Billy) when she was 16 (uh, oh). She got drunk and killed him in their basement. Emma realizes what Beckett told him. She claims that Warren and Billy, who were twins, (the one she killed) bullied her for weeks. One day the twins started being nice to her, and they went down to the basement and drank. Billy pulled a knife on her, and she got it and killed him. The police didn’t believe her, so she has hated cops since then.

Castle figures out that Angelo broke into Emma’s old orphanage. He stole the file that contained her adoption papers. Angelo wanted to give it to her for a birthday present so she would know who her real parents are. Oh … now I’m going to cry.

The STUPID hot headed hostage jumps Emma, causing the gun to go off and Castle to go flying. The cops rush in and Beckett runs to him. “Castle!” His eyes open and he yells, “Cheeseburgers! Cheeseburgers!” Beckett smiles. Castle looks at his Writer vest and points. “She dotted the i” – where the bullet hit. Castle … he’s so funny.

Castle tells everyone that Emma’s adoption papers are protecting the killer. They need to find Emma’s sealed juvenile records (they find out they were opened three days prior). One of the cops asked a clerk for the file. He paid him a thousand dollars for it.

Ryan confronts the lawyer (Vance) who the cop got the file for. That guy was an arrogant jerk. Can’t wait until they get him … for something.

Espo and Scully find the present (Angelo was going to give Emma) at the apartment. They have the adoption papers! Turns out Emma’s father is Aaron Stokes, a prominent real estate broker.  Aaron was having an affair with Emma’s biological mother. Stokes took Emma’s mom to the adoption agency to give up the child. He couldn’t tell his wife, but says how he thought about Emma everyday. He knows it’s her birthday.

Gates point blank asks Stokes if he had Angelo steal the file. She points out that in his position and wanting to run for public office, it would ruin him. He wants to know where they got their information – from the slimy attorney.

Ryan and Espo finds out Vance (the attorney) is Stokes’ son-in-law. Vance finds out about Emma and realizes that his father-in-law is about ready to transfer a lot of money into a trust for his daughter (Vance’s wife). He didn’t want them to find out about Emma and give her half of the money. Greed … look what it does.

Castle tells Emma that Vance confessed. She hugs him. He also tells her someone wants to meet her … she turns around and it’s her dad … Aaron. He says “Happy Birthday,” and they hug.

It was a nice scene when Stokes walked in to thank Beckett and Gates for everything … and hearing why Beckett can’t have her job back … and uses his power to get her job back! Yea!

This was a great episode. It was sweet, intense, well written and, of course, had a happy ending. I am ready for Beckett and Castle to start discussing their wedding and future. I still don’t think they should get married this season … but let’s get the plans going.

Did you enjoy this episode? What did you think of Castle as a negotiator? When would you like the wedding to take place?

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  1. I liked this one. I thought it was a good way to transition Beckett back into the 12th and to establish that Gates and the guys are glad to have her back. but that new cop (his name is really Scully? yikes), don’t see him fitting in so much. thinking too that there may be some home front story lines ahead, not so much involving Beckett — though she’s part of the family now — as between Castle and Alexis/Pi with Kate as a sounding baord for Castle — and maybe for Alexis.

    the wedding? It could take a season or two — or more — to get there, fine with me. I could see stories going in all sorts of ways, these are interesting characters, whatever the timeline on that.

  2. Hi Kerry,

    I agree with you. I liked the transition too. And we both agree about holding off on the wedding until at least next season.

    I also agree that Scully isn’t a good fit. I hope he was just there while Beckett was in D.C. We’ll see.

    Thanks for commenting.



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