On this week’s episode of “Castle,” a sitcom star, Charlie Reynolds, of the 1990s sitcom “2 Cool for School,” is found impaled on a giant construction hook. Castle, wanting desperately to get away from Pi, hears about the case and chases down Ryan and Esposito and convinces them to let him help. He’s so charming.

The three go to see Reynold’s agent, who tells them Charlie  had a suspiciously large amount of cash. Beckett and McCord show up. What? Oooh, the federal government has an interest in the case, and of course, can’t divulge any information to the guys. Not good. That makes angry guys.

The boys question Charlie’s co-star Ramon Russo (in the clear, they are making a movie together – secretly), and his producer, Hank Harper. He’s okay too, but not the most upstanding guy.

Next we find that Charlie has found out that the Russians (some of their investors) were smuggling guns into the country. Beckett and McCord didn’t know this, but the CIA did. They had been using Charlie to get information on Ivan Renkov, a Russian gangster.

Agent McCord is forced to have the FBI take over and in turn, close the NYPD’s case, which makes for angry Ryan, Esposito and Castle. They don’t like the government coming in and taking over whenever they want. I don’t blame them.

Kate feels bad, of course (she is NYPD cop at heart), and slips Castle a thumb drive that leads them to Charlie’s co-star and lover Svetlana, who he is planning on running away with. Ramon finds that Charlie was going to take off (the gravy train leaving), and pushes him off the roof, and he ends up landing on the hook. Yuck.Castle: STANA KATIC

Kate realizes the pressure being put on Svetlana to spy for the CIA, and intentionally leaks it to the press so Svetlana will be scene as innocent and not have to be a spy. Apparently, the FBI found out she leaked it, and although Castle has just held up a key to Kate and said, “This is to our apartment” (in D.C.), McCord enters the doorway and tells Kate she is fired. Poor Kate, she was just doing the right thing.

I liked this episode. I’ve enjoyed Lisa Edelstein as McCord, and unfortunately, it seems this was probably her last episode. She would be a good addition to the show. Hey, maybe she could work in NYC too? Probably not, too many women at the precinct might not be a good idea.

Now that Kate will be back where she belongs, maybe we can get some wedding planning going? What do you think?

Did you like the two city theme? Are you glad they are going to be back with the gang in NYC? Please share any comments with us.

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  1. I was okay with the two city theme, but honestly, I thought the scripts for these first episodes of season six were not as strong as earlier seasons — making the characters’ actions almost cartoonish in fact. these are fine actors — Stana and Nathan, all the rest of the ensemble too — give them better things to do.
    which leads me to say — don’t rush that wedding planning. Castle has his secrets, Beckett has hers, there’s more to explore — not to mention what the other characters have going on. I really like these characters, and these actors, so looking forward to better scripts. these writers have created them in the past, so looking forward to what may be next.

    • Kerry,

      I agree, there is more to explore. We also need a really intense crime for them to solve in NYC. Maybe a two-part story.

      Wedding plans – you are spot on with saying don’t rush them. I have waited going into nine seasons (too long) for Booth and Brennan of “Bones” to get married, and they will finally marry next Monday. The writers did a great job developing their characters and how long it took them to get to this point. I would like to see Castle and Beckett marry next season, but after they go through some personal issues together.

      Thanks for your comments.



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