Roll Cameras! Bradley Cooper, Morgan Freeman, Emma Stone Start New Films

Cameron Crowe: Untitled Hawaii Project

What’s up with Cameron Crowe? He’s quietly begun rolling cameras in Hawaii on a film known only as “Untitled Hawaii Project.” We do know it’s a romantic comedy, starring Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone and Danny McBride. Wheee!

This is not only the first film we’ve seen from him since 2011’s “We Bought a Zoo” (shot in Southern California), but remember, he’s the man behind classic rom-coms “Say Anything” and “Jerry Maguire.” I’m expecting big things, so please deliver, Cameron!

Crowe posted the above photo of a clapboard on his official site The Uncool with the following missive:

The Untitled Hawaii project is officially underway. As you can see above, the production began filming on September 26th with Eric Gautier (“Motorcycle Diaries,” “Into the Wild”) as Cinematographer. Stay tuned as we begin to share images and much more from the set very soon. Mahalo!

Bradley Cooper in "Limitless"
Bradley Cooper in “Limitless”

The film is from Crowe’s own screenplay under the umbrella of his production company Vinyl Films with Scott Rudin.

The film, formerly called “Deep Tiki” and “Volcano Romance,” centers on the romance between a military contractor overseeing a satellite launch and an Air Force officer.

In related news, Bradley Cooper is executive producing a new TV series based on his film, “Limitless.” No word on who will star.

“Life Itself” Filming in NYC

On the other side of the country, production of Revelations Entertainment’s comedy “Life Itself” is underway in New York City, starring Academy Award winners Morgan Freeman, Diane Keaton and Cynthia Nixon.

This marks the first time that Freeman and Keaton have worked together (amazing, right?). The film is directed by award-winning director Richard Loncraine (“The Gathering Storm,” “My One and Only”) and is based on the acclaimed novel “Heroic Measures” by Jill Ciment, from a screenplay written by Charlie Peters (“Three Men and a Little Lady”).

Diane Keaton
Diane Keaton

“Life Itself” tells the story of one comic and eventful weekend in the life of Ruth (Keaton) and Alex (Freeman), an aging New York couple who have finally decided to sell their Brooklyn apartment of 40 years.  They fear that they are getting too old to climb the stairs, and Ruth’s realtor niece (Nixon) has convinced them that they can make a small fortune on the sale.

Alex, an artist, and Ruth, a former schoolteacher, are enticed by the prospect of suddenly having more money than they ever dreamt possible. But as they prepare for the open house, the couple’s beloved little dog gets sick and has to be taken to an animal hospital, and New York City suddenly goes on high alert when a truck gets jack-knifed on the Williamsburg Bridge and the driver flees the scene.

Over the course of this hectic weekend, Ruth and Alex are swept along as every shift in the breaking tanker story makes the real estate market spike and trough. As the bids fly, Ruth and Alex reflect upon on all the memories that they have shared in their home during the course of 40 happy and fulfilling years together, and they realize that sometimes happiness can’t be measured as easily as square footage or asking prices. Sounds sweet.


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  1. Roll Cameras! Bradley Cooper, Morgan Freeman, Emma Stone Start New Films

  2. Melanie Votaw Avatar
    Melanie Votaw

    I love the idea of an older interracial couple. We never see that in a film. And I, too, have high hopes for the Crowe romcom. I don’t want romcoms to die, so I hope this one is for real and not a pseudo-romcom like Silver Linings Playbook (even though that was a terrific movie).

  3. Roll Cameras! Bradley Cooper, Morgan Freeman, Emma Stone Start New Films

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