Bones Recap: The Woman in White – 9×6 (The Wedding!)

Bones: The Woman in White (The Wedding)

After eight seasons (six episodes into the ninth), Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth finally get married. Get out the champagne, we have waited a long, long time for this! Let’s sit back and enjoy it, “Bones” fans.

At the church … Angela cries – it’s the day before the wedding and they’re doing a walk through for the ceremony. What’s funny is that Emily’s real life husband, David Hornsby, plays the priest who is supposed to marry them. While trying to do the walk-through, Cam, Angela, Sweets … all keep getting phone calls. The priest gets a call and tells Booth it’s for him. Of course, it’s a murder.

Bones: The Woman in WhiteAs they leave the church, Brennan says she wants to look at the remains. Booth tells the gang that it’s fine and it will keep her busy before the wedding. Booth and Bones drive off and Hodgins says, “I’ll put twenty bucks that the wedding will be cancelled by lunch tomorrow.” Sweets says fifty bucks for before the sun goes down … Cam says, “Worst friends ever.”

At the Jeffersonian, the team concludes that the remains are old. Angela and Cam try everything they can to keep Brennan out of the lab to concentrate on the wedding, even bringing Clark in to help with the case.

Hodgins gets Clark in on the bet, and Angie is mad that he is acting like the wedding is doomed.

Booth arrives home and realizes Max is there. He picks up Max’s bag, it opens and thousands of dollars falls out. Max walks in and Booth looks at him, “Really?” Max tries to convince him that the money is ok, but Booth decides to test it.

At the FBI, Sweets tries to convince Booth that it’s tradition for the father to pay. He also is concerned that Booth might think that Brennan will get cold feet. Booth says he isn’t worried (I think he might be).

At the lab, Cam asks Hodgins if he has a wedding pool. He denies it, but she knows better. They also find out more about the murdered woman, Nancy Handelman, who worked at the Library of Congress in the manuscript department. Hodgins realizes that Cam doesn’t want Brennan to know the potential of the case, so she will stay out of the lab. Right.tumblr_muvqjpYuoA1raifhso1_400

After getting a mani/pedi, Brennan returns to the lab and instructs Clark how to examine the bones. She’s so funny. She can’t touch anything  because her nails are still wet. After she leaves to get her hair done, Clark tells Cam and Angela that he found fractures on the victim that would take them (Brennan and Clark) two days to examine and catalog. Oh no!

Angie says they are going to “lie their asses off” and not tell her. Cam decides to call in the reserves – all of the squints – to help solve the case. We do love Cam now, don’t we!?

Brennan shows back up at the lab with a robe on and her hair in rollers. She just can’t stay away. She came to check on Clark. Cam assures her that things are under control and they don’t need her. Bones sees all of the squints and wants to know where the funds came to pay them all to be there … so rational! Funny.

Bones leaves and the squints start to leave just as Clark shows up. He convinces them to help him with the case so that Brennan can deal with the wedding. The squints are a little offended and hurt that they haven’t been invited. Arastoo says that he is, and of course, they give him crap because he’s dating Cam. Go for the juggler!

Back at the FBI, Booth and Sweets talk while Booth receives a text saying the money Max had in his bag is clean. Booth is still suspicious and says to Sweets, “I don’t want a swat team crashing my wedding.” He leaves to get Parker (we haven’t seen that kid for a while – cutie).

At the lab, Hodgins (as does everyone) still works on the murder. He finds soils that are from different areas. Cam starts to worry. She asks Hodgins to bet twenty bucks that the wedding will be cancelled by one o’clock tomorrow. He leaves and she says, “God, I hate myself.” LOL.

It was very sweet when Booth brought Parker home and asked him to be his best man. Parker was excited, and told Booth that he was happy he was marrying Bones – and that Rebecca (Parker’s mom) was happy too. Very cool.

Brennan is working in her office, while Angela comes to give her a very special hair pin that she bought (although couldn’t afford) in Paris. It’s the “something borrowed, something blue.” Bones concentrates on the case, almost ignoring Angie. It made me a little mad, but then I realized that she (Bones) is nervous and doesn’t know how to deal with her emotions. Bones listens, but then goes right back to the case. Angie tells her the woman has been dead for 35 years! She can wait.

Then Angie tells her she didn’t even look at the pin, and it meant a lot to give it to her. Brennan tells her that her emotions are jumbled and doesn’t understand them – but she does understand the case. Angie tells her how important the wedding is and to concentrate on it. She takes heart in what Angela says.

Brennan checks on the squints and tells them they had better get things done so she can concentrate on the wedding. Ha ha. That was good, now she gets it!

A nice scene between Booth and Aldo at the church. Booth wants some advice on the marriage. Aldo says, “I’m jealous … what you and Temperance have, it’s the reason we draw breath. You screw this up, Booth, and it’ll be worse than any hell God can draw up for you.” 

A voice in the background interjects, “I agree.” It’s Max. Booth thinks Max is following him and Max says, “I’ve never seen anything more right, I’d be proud to call you my son.” Very touching … then they both lament how they wish Christine (Brennan’s mother) could be at the wedding. They agree to light a candle for her, even though she isn’t a believer (you know what happens – gulp).

Bones: The Woman in White

At home before the rehearsal dinner, Hank (Booth’s grandfather), Booth’s mom (Marianne), Max and Parker want to give speeches. They are rushed for time, though, because they need to get to the rehearsal dinner. I did love what they were able to get out.

Hank:You’re a lucky man, shrimp. You found a woman who will stand up to you and call you on your crap.”

Booth’s Mom:What you have here is the final piece of the puzzle, what’s going to make you whole.”

I thought I was going to cry (I know, I know).

Sweets storms in and tells them to turn on the TV. The church, where Booth and Bones are to be married the next day, is burning down! What?! I did think it was funny when Max said to Booth, “My God, you burned the church down,” suggesting that when they lit the candle for Christine Brennan it caused the fire. Nice, Max.

The next morning, Booth tells them the wedding is postponed. Hank says they should just elope. Booth doesn’t want to because the wedding means too much to Bones. He owes it to her. Remember when they first met and Brennan kept telling him NOT to call her Bones. Now he rarely calls her by her name. So sweet.

Max asks Bones if she’s okay with the wedding being postponed, and she tells him Booth said his mom did it because she didn’t want him (Max) paying with it from dirty money. Max explains that it was a magic night in Vegas and he couldn’t lose. When he kept winning, he realized what it was for her wedding, so he took it and buried it. He tells Bones to “get married – today.” Bones tells him she wants Booth to have what he wants, to get married in a church. She loves him and wants him to be happy.

Have you noticed, they both are thinking of what the other wants … Booth wants Bones to be happy, and Bones wants Booth to be happy and have the “church” wedding. Aw.

Back at the lab. The squints still want to know why they weren’t invited to the wedding. They start talking about the case, and each figures out more details. Clark says they still need to figure out the murder weapon.

While Hodgins and Angie work, he tells her he thinks he won the pool. Angie really wants the wedding to happen that day. Of course, Jack tells her he will do whatever she wants him to do to help make it happen, but they aren’t going to tell anyone until they know they can pull it off. (They are one of my favorite couples on TV, don’t you agree?)

Back to the squints, who are figuring out more and more about the murder. They determine the victim was dragged down five flights of stairs – they keep on keeping on. Goofball, Dr. Wells, figures out that the letter (yes, there was a letter that Nancy was carrying) was written by Emily Dickinson. Whoa (and she probably wasn’t a virgin – ho, ho). Janet McCann wanted the letter. She was an Emily Dickinson scholar, and the letter would have proved all of her work was wrong – there’s a motive.

Booth and Sweets talk about the case, and Booth think about how much Bones had been dreaming about the wedding, while Sweets tries to reassure him that Brennan is a lot stronger than he thinks she is (right, like we don’t know that).

Angie walks into Brennan’s office where she sits on her couch sobbing (we don’t usually see that, do we). She is really sad because Booth wanted the church wedding so much (so she thinks). Angie tells her the wedding is going to happen, “today.” 

Hodgins peeks in and tells Angie he has the keys to a certain exhibit (hum). Brennan to Angie, “What are you doing?” Angie tells her that sometimes circumstances change and the details aren’t important, that she and Booth have wanted this for too long. She convinces Brennan the details don’t matter, their happiness is what matters. Yeah, Angela! You’re a true best friend!

Sweets and Cam figure out the weapon was a trekking pole. Who cares, right? Let’s get to the wedding! 

Booth is in his office and Bones walks in. She tells him Angela said they are getting married “today.” He’s a little irritated. Bones tells him Angela has planned an emergency wedding. He tells her he wants he to have what she wants – the flowers, the dress … she says she doesn’t care about that, she wants him to get married in the church because he wants that.

Booth to Bones: “I’ll wear elephant tusks on my head and have a squirrel in a monkey suit marry us if you wanted me to.” They both realize they don’t care about any of that. They have waited long enough. They want to do it, that day!

Oh my God, how funny was it when Brennan goes to the squints (who are still at the lab) and says, “I don’t know if you all are aware, but Agent Booth and I are getting married.” I had to laugh out loud. Oh Brennan, gotta love her. Anyway, as Angela instructed, Brennan invites them to the wedding (she hadn’t invited them because she thought it would be cruel since they didn’t have anyone to love – ha, ha). “Angela says I should.” You have to watch the show, right?

Angela: “The wedding starts in a half hour.” The squints have nothing to wear … enter Hodgins and clothes from the exhibit! Only on “Bones.”bones-season-9-spoilers-wedding-7


Sweets to Booth: “You ready, Booth?”

Booth: “I’ve been ready for years.”

Yeah, we know! We’ve been ready for years too!

A wonderful rendition of “At Last” is sung by Avalon (Cyndi Lauper) … I honestly started to get teary-eyed. I know the “Bones” faithful did too, didn’t you?

Angela looked beautiful as she walked down the aisle (which is outside on the lawn in front of the Jeffersonian – a beautiful setting and perfect for the nuptials).

Booth is waiting, and Max takes Brennan’s arm and they proceed down the aisle (I couldn’t believe it was really happening). Everyone stands, smiles, throws flower pedals… Bones (Emily) looks so beautiful. Did all of you take it in? Am I getting corny now? I don’t care.

They make it to Booth, and Max hands her over to him. Max says to Booth, “I will kill you if you hurt my girl.” He would too!

The vows … Booth rips up his speech and speaks from the heart:

Bones: “Do you remember the last time we stood here, in the beginning when we really didn’t know each other? I was trying to get away from you because you were … irritating me and you chased me down and uh, you caught up to me and I said listen, I just have to get my ducks in a row, and you said to me…”

Bones: “I can be a duck.”

Booth: “We’ve been chasing each other for a long time – through wars, serial killers, ghosts, snakes – and chasing you has been the smartest thing that I’ve ever done in my life, and being chased by you has been my greatest joy, but now we don’t have to [put’s the ring on her finger] chase each other anymore. We caught each other.”

Cam: “I didn’t bring enough Kleenex.”

Brennan’s vows really did bring tears to my eyes. I think all of the fans will agree, because we finally found out what she wrote back in season two when she and Hodgins were kidnapped by the Gravedigger.

Bones: “When Hodgins and I were buried alive, we each wrote a message to someone we love (OMG, Booth’s face) … in case our bodies were ever found. Hodgins wrote to Angela, and I wrote to you.” She pulls the letter from her cleavage – nervous.

Dear Agent Booth,

You are a confusing man. You are irrational, impulsive, superstitious and exasperating [she looks up at him]. You believe in ghosts and angels, and maybe even Santa Claus, and because of you, I’ve started to see the universe differently. How is it possible that looking into your fine face can give me so much joy? Why does it make me happy that every time I try to sneak a peek at you, you are already looking at me? Like you, it makes no sense, and like you, it feels right. If I ever get out of here [she’s gets emotional], I will find a time and a place to tell you that you make my life messy and confusing … and unfocused and irrational and wonderful … this is that time, this is that place.

She looks at him for a moment. “Did I do that wrong?” He shakes his head, “No. .. no.” She puts his ring on and Aldo pronounces them man and wife! (Get out the champagne!!!)

Brennan to Booth: “You can kiss me now.”

Booth: “Aldo didn’t say that.”

Aldo tells Booth she’s right, as usual, and to kiss her! I can’t believe it, they are finally married!

Bones: The Woman in White

I want to thank Hart Hanson, Stephen Nathan, the writers, and especially the cast for making a show that really took us on a journey … and we couldn’t stop watching. The characters are what’s different about “Bones” compared to the rest of the crime fighting shows … all very good, but you get it all with “Bones” – the crime, serial killers, the cool lab, the amazing characters, the romance and, of course, the humor. And I don’t think any other actress could play Brennan as well as Emily Deschanel.

I know we are all hoping for season 10. If the show is picked up again, it will definitely be in an elite group … not many shows make it a decade.

Who watched the “Bones” wedding? Was it everything you hoped for? Now I can’t wait for the honeymoon in Buenos Aires! Please leave your comments below!






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  1. Bones Recap: The Woman in White – 9×6 (The Wedding!)

  2. Colleen Avatar

    Why wasn’t the baby at the wedding?? So disappointed in the oversight!

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      That does seem odd that they wouldn’t have the baby at the wedding!

    2. Kim Strand Avatar
      Kim Strand

      Hi Colleen,

      Hart Hanson said that Christine was suppose to be in the wedding, but the day they were shooting, she was grouchy and crying… they tried and tried he said… unfortunately, it just didn’t work! 🙁


      1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

        Here’s a photo Kim pointed me towards – on @christyhhudson’s Twitter feed. I’ll see if it will post the image or just the link here.

        Bones Wedding

  3. Kim Strand Avatar
    Kim Strand

    Who loved the vows? Her vows were my favorite part. I love that they finally let us know what she wrote in her letter!

  4. RT @geraghtyvl: @forensicmama #BonesWedding

  5. RT @geraghtyvl: @forensicmama #BonesWedding

  6. RT @geraghtyvl: @forensicmama #BonesWedding

  7. Liz Avatar

    They finally did it – Woo hoo ! What a sweet show. I loved how they brought everyone in to be a part of it, even Emily’s real life husband (poor guy, I’m assuming he was in the church when it burned down). I get the feeling their set would be a fun place to hang out and filming the wedding show was like a party.

    The vows were very touching. They were like their characters…unpretentious and endearing. I can’t wait to see how the show and characters develop from here. It sounds like maybe there could be a wedding in Cam’s future….???

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  9. #Bones Review Bones Recap: The Woman in White – 9×6 (The Wedding!)

  10. adrienne Avatar

    Excellent recap Kim. Thanks!

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