Bones Recap: The Lady on the List – 9×5

Bones: The Lady on the List

One more episode until … finally … what all “Bones” fans have waited for … THE WEDDING!

But first, they have to plan it. Last week our crime fighters finally got rid of Pelant for good, while Booth proposed to Bones. Yes! In this episode, Booth wants Brennan to help plan the wedding, so here we go.

The body of a principal, Charlie McChord, who was battling cancer was found dangling from a cliff. Booth and Brennan scale down to the body to investigate. Charlie also started videotaping inspirational speeches that people could download for two-dollars each, and talks about his “Bucket List.”

Booth thinks it’s murder, and Bones tells him not to jump to conclusions. They talk about starting wedding plans, and Booth doesn’t want any suggestions from friends. Bones says, “I do dislike when people tell me what to do.” She doesn’t want Pigs in a Blanket served, but Booth does. Funny. A hawk lands near with one of the victim’s fingers. You guessed it – back to the lab for Hodgins to play with.

Sweets and Booth back at the FBI. Booth introduces Sweets to VAL (a computer profiling system). Sweets is offended and says it’s a “joke” to compare computers and humans. Poor Sweets. He is worried about being replaced by the computer.

Back at the lab, Hodgins is excited about the hawk, including examining his vomit. Angela thinks it’s gross how happy he gets about crazy stuff like examining vomit. I don’t blame her.

Dr. Wells is back (so annoying) and helps with the case. He is reprimanded by Cam right away for the way he talks to Dr. B, but also figures out that the victim was murdered. “Why someone would go through all of the trouble to kill this man when he was dying anyway, is the real question.” He is so blunt.

He also gets into trouble for reading a book while Cam and Brennan are examining the body. I don’t think Brennan comes close when you compare her to Dr. Wells and his total lack of social skills. He’s just downright arrogant … a jerk … but sort of funny.

Cam asks Brennan if she and Booth have set a wedding date. Brennan tells her they won’t change the date for anyone else’s schedule, so they should adjust accordingly. She’s so funny … but sometimes I really think they changed her character a little. She didn’t used to be SO clueless about things. In seasons one and two, she was socially awkward, but there has been something different since season six. Do you think so? I think she has developed, of course, but says things that she just wouldn’t say anymore. (Listen to me. Lol!)

They do determine that Charlie was bludgeoned to death before being thrown from the cliff. Nice, the poor guy.

Booth and Sweets still try to solve the murder, without VAL. Sweets really doesn’t like the computer. They interrogate Charlie’s wife, who is bound to make a lot of money from the videos. She is giving him homeopathic medicine instead of chemo … which he didn’t want (the chemo). They also find out about former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell, who Charlie sucker punched because it was on his “Bucket List.” He wanted to do things that brought fear to him. It turns out Charlie called Chuck later and apologized, explaining to him why he did it. Chuck was okay with it.

They also found out about Lena, a woman Charlie had turned in for embezzling money from his work place. Lena went to prison and lost her children, but because she had prior arrests, not just for the $6000 she had stolen. Lena explained that it turned her life around … so she wasn’t a suspect anymore.

SIDE NOTE: How cute was it when Booth and Bones were at Lena’s door and Bones said she wanted him to get a tux because she wanted them to get married in his church … knowing how happy it would make him, and in turn, would make her happy. Aw.904_bones_recap

Did I mention that Sweets doesn’t like the profiling computer (I did) … “She is stupid, I hate her.” Don’t worry, Sweets, nobody could replace you.

One thing the episode did do, was to make everyone think about their “Bucket Lists,” including me. Bones – “Winning the Nobel, of course, but that’s more of an eventuality.” Funny … Booth wants to take the Space Diver out for a drink (Sweets and Bones not impressed). Hodgins wants to check out the real Area 51, not the fake one the government set up for people. Cam says she “just wants a villa in Tuscany, where I can drink wine and make love.” Go Cam!

Brennan goes to Angela and tells her that she and Booth don’t want help with the wedding. She also tells Angela that Booth is a good man and why he had to break off the engagement. Pelant! Angela is understanding. Brennan then shows her a photo of the wedding dress she had torn out from a magazine in her childhood. Angela tells her she’s a dreamer, and that she will get that dress made for her … also Brennan asked her to be her Matron of Honor (who else!).

The team finally realizes that Charlie’s friend Martin Proctor (who they had already checked out) did have motive to kill Charlie. He was his mentor and listed as an emergency contact for Charlie, and not Charlie’s wife. Hum? That’s a red flag right there. They find out he did want money from the inspirational videos, and didn’t really care about Charlie, although he claims he really didn’t mean to kill him.

Good news for Sweets. VAL was wrong about the killer and Sweets was right! Goodbye, VAL!

Brennan in her office looking at an appetizer list. She highlights Pigs in a Blanket and then smiles. How sweet!Bones

Of course, the last scene of “Bones” is usually my favorite, when Booth and Brennan are alone and have some conversation. This time they are on their sofa and Christine is sound asleep. Booth has his bucket list and asks Bones what’s on hers. She says there’s nothing. She’s happy. He agrees, and is happy with life right now. Then … the kissing.

Favorite things from the episode:

Brennan to Dr. Wells: I know how it (the murder) happened. Oh my God (Wells), I don’t.

Angela to Dr. Wells: Gives him a top 10 list of how not to be a douche.

Hodgins to Cam: Another thing on his bucket list is to be shot out of a canon! LOL.

Dr. Wells: He bonds with VAL – the computer.

My complaint about this episode would be that I really wanted a lot of it to be about their journey getting to the alter. They have come such a long way, I would have loved to have seen more about it. More conversation about how happy they are about it. What do you think?

Okay, we have waited for a long long time. Who is ready for the wedding?!






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