Bones Recap: The Sense in the Sacrifice – 9×4

Bones: The Sense in the Sacrifice

I have to start by expressing how satisfied I am with this episode of “Bones.” It definitely had drama, emotions, love and a happy ending! What more do we want from “Bones”? Okay, the wedding! It’s coming!

The team starts with an elaborate “copy cat” murder plan to smoke Pelant out of hiding. They take a body that has been donated to the Jeffersonian and, well, cut and tear it to bits to mimic a Pelant killing. I thought last week had the grossest scene ever, but this one might be tops!

Flynn took the body to an established sight to set off the FBI and get it on the news, although Booth isn’t thrilled about the plan.

So funny when Booth and Bones were waiting in bed for a phone call. Brennan, “We could have sex.” Booth, “Take the romance out.” Brennan, “I always find that I sleep better after multiple orgasms.” She’s so funny.

The call comes in (after some nice kissing ). A horrible surprise – it wasn’t the body they worked on. It’s Flynn! Pelant killed him. OMG. Bones: The Sense in the Sacrifice

At the lab, Bones discovers Pelant is mirroring her techniques. Everyone is getting very tense and really wants to catch him and kill him.

Booth visits Aldo again. Aldo tells Booth it might be Flynn who told Pelant what they were doing. Booth won’t here of it. He believes in Flynn, although Sweets (so glad he’s back) thinks Flynn may have been working with Pelant.

Booth, Sweets and the FBI check Flynn’s apartment and find money and passports hidden in Flynn’s refrigerator. Booth still doesn’t believe it. I liked that he was so adamant that Flynn was a good guy.

At the lab, Bones finds a very unusual and very expensive pin (artificial bone) placed in Flynn’s remodeling (from when he was shot helping Booth last season). Booth and Bones question the doctor who operated on Flynn, and the doctor tells them an anonymous (Pelant) donor paid for it.

Booth gets really angry with the doctor; he wants to know “who” the donor was – knowing it was Pelant. Bones calms him. The doctor tells them there were ten fractures on Flynn, while Brennan corrects him and says 11. The doctor questions her, and Booth backs her up and says she is never wrong.

With tensions high, they leave the interrogation room and Booth swears Flynn isn’t bad. Bones believes him, and appreciates him backing her up against the doctor. He gives her a passionate kiss … at the FBI office … very unlike him. He believes in her. I loved it! I know you did too.

Back at the lab, the team finds out both Brennan and the doctor were right about the fractures. Pelant created an 11th fracture to model Brennan’s work on a cold case from nine years ago that she had worked on and never been able to solve. Bones was sort of impressed (in her genius way) at how exact his work was. Cam didn’t really like that. Pelant was giving her a clue about the case.

Yikes, Pelant shows up at the Jeffersonian and confronts Bones. He sets a hand grenade down and says, “Lets’ talk.” He insults her and the squinterns. He said he has found something out about the cold case. It and several other unsolved murders are from a serial killer – a woman (he thinks).

I think she’s bad, and I think she’s still out there,” he claims (great). The problem is, the murders were done in different areas, in different ways, and all different ages. “We are destined to die together.” Geez. He leaves, but pushes a button and tells her not to move or the grenade will go off.  The FBI shows up and Booth assures her that the grenade is fake. Very tense. It scared her.

Bones works at her desk and Cam comes in to talk to her. Brennan tries to comprehend that she missed evidence that may lead to a serial killer. Cam has to direct her back to the present case. Cam shows her that she found a piece of tooth in Flynn’s stomach. They send it to Hodgins to try and find particulates that might help figure out where Pelant is holding up and killing his victims.

Brennan leaves and shows up at Aldo’s bar. She seeks advice from him (I like him, don’t you?). She tells him Booth wants Pelant dead, and she may want him alive to help solve the case (are you nuts?). I loved what Aldo had to say, that Booth has two sides. One wants to save the world and do the right thing, and the other wants to take care of people he loves.

He is willing to sacrifice his soul (which Booth values above all) to kill  Pelant. Why? asks Brennan. “For you, of course. Everything always comes down to you.” The look on her face.

Brennan goes back to the lab and tries to connect the cases, while at the FBI office, Sweets has some chilling news for Booth. He tells Booth that Brennan is Pelant’s endgame. He is trying to seduce her, hoping that she will change her mind about him like she did with Booth (who she didn’t like at first), and Sweets. “He is trying to replace you, and when he finds out she won’t have him, he kills her, kills himself and whoever is around.” Gulp.

Hodgins figures out where Pelant is by the particulates from the tooth, but of course Brennan already figured it out from a clue Pelant left (a scientific love letter that only she could understand). Why did she go alone?! Booth not far behind, and Angela has tapped into the plant with cameras so they can watch from the Jeffersonian.

Brennan confronts Pelant. She pulls a gun on him and says she’ll shoot him in the head. He says, “That’s the part of me you like best.” What a weirdo. He had another trap set, and an explosion was set off. It knocked Bones over, and she dropped her gun. Pelant helps her up, but Booth appears and she tells Pelant that she will always choose Booth. She yells at Booth to shoot Pelant. Booth to Pelant: “Times up.’ He shoots him in the chest, killing him. Yea! Booth and Brennan embrace.

The team back at the Jeffersonian are anxious to see what happened. They see both Brennan and Booth on the camera. Ah, they are relieved … and keep watching.

Booth and Brennan stop. He finally  tells her why they couldn’t get married, and she says she thought it was something like that. He puts his hands out, and she takes them.

If I asked you to marry me, would you say yes?” he asks.

If I said yes, would we get married?” she says, smiling.

“Yes,” he says!

Yea!! They embrace, and the team is watching and Hodgins says, “I think that was a proposal.” Everyone is really happy!  It’s about time!

This was a great episode. It was thrilling, interesting, and … romantic (love it). Oh, and Pelant is dead … but now, there is obviously a serial killer on the lose. At least they know that it might be a woman, and may be able to connect the killings from clues that haven’t been discovered yet. At least they will be on the right path, but great, another big bad!

Did you like this episode of “Bones” as much as I did? What were your favorite scenes? Anyone excited about the upcoming wedding?!






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