Beyonce’s Sexy Photo Shoot – Check Out the Pix


One thing I love about Beyoncé is that she usually manages to walk the fine line between sexy and classy. And she’s not stick-thin. The girl’s got curves, and she’s not afraid to show them off.

And let’s not forget – the 32-year-old singer is a mom too. Blue Ivy is now 21 months old and her mom is one smokin’ hot mama. Queen Bey recently posed seductively for Herring & Herring in a series of revealing ensembles – we’ll call it Beyonce’s Sexy Photo Shoot – and some of the images are rumored to be in her upcoming 2014 calendar.

PHOTO GALLERY: Sexy Beyonce Photos

You could do like my husband, who gets a family photo calendar every year and doesn’t peek ahead. So every month, it’s a brand new surprise for him, and he loves it. The kids and I aren’t as sexy as Beyonce, but I think he likes us just fine.

In the photo above, the former Destiny’s Child member is wearing a gorgeous diamond necklace and dramatic eye makeup, which she uses to the fullest with one of her killer glares. Don’t mess with me, she’s saying.

I’m not sure what’s going on in the photo below, but there’s definitely a lot going on. I guess her fab butt is the focal point, peeking out from behind that door. Makes you wonder what’s happening on the other side of the door.


Here she is wearing a petticoat with a pair of latex thigh-high boots. Not quite the look you’d see on “Petticoat Junction,” but one I’m sure would have gotten Uncle Joe up off his chair on the porch. How does she even get into those boots? I’m guessing it takes a team of a half-dozen people to make that happen.


In another shot, the singer proves she’s a “Grown Woman” as she looks super hot posing with a lit cigar and wearing a blazer, fedora and her favorite John Lennon-inspired shades. A little bit of a throwback to a different era, when smoking was actually cool and not the death trap it’s known as now. I’m not sure what’s going on with the oiled-up chest and dog collar around her neck, but she works it.


Here she is wearing a long brunette wig, sitting on a gold velvet couch and wearing another pair of ridiculously high boots. The interesting thing here is that the couch appears to have plastic on it. Which means it’s either her grandma’s couch that still has the same plastic from 1963, or she’s planning to, uh, do some things on that couch that might be a bit messy. It’s kind of a Barbarella-inspired look, isn’t it?


In a more conservative shot, here’s the singer in an all-white gown and blazer. This one reminds me of something Lena Horn might have worn.


According to Bey’s website, the 2014 calendar is ready to go, and you can buy it for $15 (which isn’t bad for such a high-priced gal). The calendar measures 12 x 12 and features 14 different shots of the singer.

If you’re a fan, good time to hop over and contribute to Blue Ivy’s college fund.






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  1. Beyonce’s Sexy Photo Shoot – Check Out the Pix

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