Betrayal Recap: Ships

I’m finally caught up on “Betrayal,” so this is my recap of last night’s show. At first – with that first scene where Sara is sunburned – I thought maybe I’d missed an ep, but then realized it was a flash-forward from this episode.

So, at this point, Jack and Sara are together again. When she learned that he knew she was Drew’s wife, she got seriously tiffed and thought he was playing some kind of game with her. I guess I might think that, too. I mean, after all, Jack DID know of the connection and didn’t tell her. He should have told her as soon as he found out. It was bound to come out at some point, and if these two don’t have trust – with all the mistrust going on around them – that would not be good.

Their first meeting in her studio after they decide to try it again – truly awkward. “How do we do this? What do we do?” Sara asks. “We could just have a staring contest,” Jack says. And then, of course, there’s kissing and more shenanigans.

Their relationship is pretty intense. My husband and I have been together for 30-some years, but I still sort of kind of remember that first blush of new love. If I try hard! 🙂

And “Fred McCracken”? That’s the best fake name Sara could come up with when Alissa came by her studio? That’s funny. Of course, Alissa knew right away that was “the boyfriend.”

Funny how Thatcher couldn’t help T.J. by sleeping with the judge, Monica (I guess they’ve had a longstanding relationship), but Jack helped T.J. by working some deal to get the judge’s son into a Michigan law school. And speaking of Michigan (my home state), it’s a little unnerving that Monica looks a lot like our former governor, Jennifer Granholm. Seriously, they could be twins. Well, sort of.

Anyway, T.J.’s bond is set at $1 million and he’s out and about. That gives Jack the opportunity to “travel to Michigan” to work the deal – not really, though. Instead, he meets Sara on his fancy-schmancy boat he just happens to have in the harbor. She’s supposed to be at some art thing in Milwaukee.

Ok, I must stop here. Does anyone else think these two are just a little bit too free and easy with the public displays of affection? I mean, they’re kissing and hugging on a WIDE OPEN DOCK! Anyone with the least bit of connection to either of them will blow this thing wide open.

And as it turns out, Thatcher’s thug with a camera catches them in the act – of kissing, that is. Which makes Jack indebted to him and later, Jack tells Thatcher this thug should have more responsibility. Because, if Jack doesn’t help him, the thug will take the photos to Thatcher, and that won’t be good, since Jack is married to his daughter! What a tangled web…

Other Observations: 

That James Cromwell is one scary dude, isn’t he? For one thing, he’s very tall. And for another, he has no problem hammering nails into the hands of people he doesn’t like.

The interaction between Drew and the FBI agent is distracting to me. Maybe they’ll flesh that out some more. I guess it’s to give Drew the opportunity to talk smack and tell her to either help him or get out of the way.

The romance between Jack’s staffer and his daughter – it’s just weird. I can’t imagine spending the night in my boss’s house with his daughter – even if all they did was talk. Not only that, just the idea of his daughter talking about sex and how they didn’t have it … yikes. How old is this girl anyway? I thought she was a teenager!

Stuart Townsend is one cutie-patootie (as evidenced in our photo gallery and Melanie’s great interview with him), but he doesn’t look old enough to be a high-powered Thatcher staffer and the dad of a teenager. Good genes.

Chris J. Johnson, who plays Drew, reminds me a little of Michael Imperioli, a.k.a. “Christuffa” on “The Sopranos.” Just a little.

If Thatcher and his people need an alibi for T.J., you’d think they could do better than a Lithuanian hooker.

When Thatcher threatened Bernie with, “I was at your daughter’s wedding, remember? I built your damn swimming pool! You DO NOT walk away from this table!” … Did anyone else think of the wedding scene from “The Godfather”?

There was something a little creepy about the Australians drinking with Jack and Sara on the boat. I just watched “Cloverfield” the other night, though, so all I could think was that a big scary monster couldn’t be too far away.

The episode title comes from a poem Sara knew as a kid: “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” So … she’s saying they should get that baby (their relationship?) out of the harbor and have some fun … !?

Brandy needs to work on her bugging skills. Talk about an awkward klutz.

I didn’t get the thing about T.J. going to the body shop. What was all the car-talk about?

One more Thatcher quote, which he said to Drew outside Drew’s kid’s school (perfectly acceptable place to threaten someone, right?): “Listen up, sonny. There are a lot of ways to get lost in Chicago. Make sure you’ve got a map.”

Your thoughts on this episode of “Betrayal”? Think it’ll escape the cancellation gavel? I fear it’ll end up in “Red Widow’s” grave. ABC doesn’t give new shows much slack. 


  1. Great recap, Jane! I thought last night’s show was super hot. The nailing of the hands thing was really hard to watch, though, and I HATED that Jack just stood there. Stuart, by the way, is almost 41, so he’s old enough. The character is someone who married young – early 20’s, I guess.

  2. BTW, ratings were up last night, but I don’t know if it will be enough. It depends on, as you say, the “slack” that ABC is willing to give. It upsets me that shows aren’t really given a chance anymore.

  3. Thanks! I know, the hand scene – ack. Maybe there’s some sort of religious overtone there. What could Jack do, though? He tried to say something, but if he’d gone further, Thatcher probably would have nailed him to a nearby lamp post.

    Yeah, good point – 41 is definitely old enough. Stuart just looks young! Plus, I think his wife on the show is supposed to be a little older than him…? Seems like I remember him saying that in a previous episode.


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