Betrayal: Nice Photos

How fun! Sarah and Jack are play-acting. She’s traveled from Lisbon to see an apartment that Jack is showing to her. Maybe she can make things easier for him (wink wink)…

Maybe that little bit of fun at the beginning of this episode of “Betrayal” helps to soften the blow for Jack later, when Thatcher tells him he’ll be in charge of a shipment from China – a shipment that’ll be in violation of trade exploitation, tariff evasion and commercial fraud, according to the feds listening in.

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Meanwhile, Aiden – “the wine guy” – has a crush on Jack’s wife, Elaine, who owns a restaurant. When she tells Jack later, they have a little chat about whether Jack would tell her if a hot young thing had a crush on him. She must suspect. I mean, the spouse always knows, right? Later, she and Aiden flirt over wine. He IS pretty cute.

Jack gets a tip that the FBI is watching their contraband shipment come in, and runs out to tell the drivers to turn around. In between the FBI getting frustrated that they’ve got nothing now, Jack and Sarah take a few rolls in the hay – or, in this case, on a fluffy white rug. It’s amazing they have time to fit any work into the mix.

But you just KNEW that photo Jack took of her sleeping with just a blanket wrapped around her would come back to haunt him, right? What was he thinking?! In the previews for next week, we see her yelling at him that maybe he WANTED Drew to find it. You have to wonder.

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T.J. asks the guys at the car shop if he can help out around there. Sure! I’m not sure where this is going, but we’ll go with it. Someone please tell me where the car guys fit into things, because I missed a crucial plotpoint. Later, Thatcher tells T.J. to get in the car and come home. They’re just using him, he says. “Because they know you come from money.” But T.J. goes back and gets his job back later on. Hmmm… we’ll see why one of the car guys grabbed a gun out of a drawer at the end of this episode.

Sarah butts heads with a writer over a story subject who’s not exactly the upstanding citizen she makes him out to be. The writer’s writing a puff piece, Sarah tells Alissa. “We run those sometimes,” says Alissa. “Why?” asks Sarah. “Does Boyd’s company buy a lot of ads or something?” (As a side note, that’s something we in the writing business talk about a lot – advertising in exchange for puff pieces – not good). Alissa can’t use the photos Sarah shot, but it’s ok. She’ll call her friend at the New York Times to see if they’re interested (in the real world, there’s only a slim possibility that the Times would be interested in Sarah’s photos).

On the homefront, Jack and Elaine are dealing with an irate dad who says their son, Victor, hit his kid with a baseball bat. Vic says he didn’t do it. Oh, and he’s been boxing, something neither Jack or Elaine were aware of. Later, Jack confronts Vic, who says, “You’re never home. It’s like you don’t even live here anymore.” That’s because he’s too busy getting horizontal with Sarah on that fluffy white rug.

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And it’s not lost on Elaine either. She tells Jack she doesn’t really know him anymore. They’re disconnected. And the turnips and tomatoes in the garden are dead!

Meanwhile, Sarah tells Alissa how alive she feels since she’s been bedding Jack. She’s finally awake! Colors are brighter! They eat Chinese take-out on the fluffy white rug!

Later, Sarah tells Jack that Drew told HER about the turnips and tomatoes. That’s a tip-off that Jack knows there’s a bug somewhere in Thatcher’s office (Brandy’s awkward bug-placing), which he promptly finds and destroys in front of Thatcher.

In another WTF moment, Sarah goes and peers creepily into Elaine’s restaurant in total stalker mode. Then she actually goes in and has a coversation with Elaine over food stuffs, at which point Aiden comes in and says he has some new wine for Elaine. Does the guy have any other clients?

Drew approaches Brandy with a proposal. In exchange for a green card, a home in a good school district, and a clean record (her demands), she’ll do some work for him. “You make me an American, I’ll be whatever you want,” she says.

Brandy goes to Thatcher and says things have been a little slow. She lost a day of work when she had to testify that she was with T.J. on the night of Lou’s murder. She needs more money for being T.J.’s alibi. Thatcher says, “Take your clothes off.” Obviously, he’s onto the FBI.

At a retirement party for Drew’s boss, Sarah gets a text from Jack. He can’t meet tomorrow. Family stuff. But, “I love you,” he texts. You would think that since her husband is the assistant state attorney working with the FBI, these free and easy love-texts are not a good idea.

Sarah has some sort of seizure and rushes out of the party, with Drew following close behind. “I just wanna go home, wanna go home, wanna go home…,” she says. Did someone put something in her drink? Or is the immense guilt just burning away at her.

Meanwhile, Jack goes back to the irate dad’s house and tries to apologize, but gets punched in the face. “I know who you are, man,” says the dad. “You’re Thatcher Karsten’s bitch!” Then he throws the money back at Jack. And why do people always throw the money back? Take it, I say. Yeah, yeah, I know. Hush money or whatever.

At home, Jack gives Vic a little talk. A person can look like a good person, but be lying and cheating on the side, he says. He would know, right? He grounds Vic and says he can use the kitchen computer for school. He’ll get his stuff back when he tells him the truth.

Oh no. While Jack is at his house weeding the dead turnips in the dark, Drew and Sarah are back at their house. Drew wants to see the photos that Oliver took. Instead, he sees the photo that Jack took of Sarah on the rug. This is not good. He goes into the bathroom and pulls the shower curtain back and says menacingly to Sarah, “Nice photos.”

I TOLD you these two were not being careful enough! Thoughts on this week’s “Betrayal”? 


  1. Yeah, it was quite the episode – jam-packed with stuff, and no, those two don’t know how to be careful about their affair, that’s for sure. Love James Cromwell’s creepy character.

  2. I’ve purchased some of Stuart’s DVDs and will probably buy more. It’s hard knowing he has so many that we in the U.S. cannot watch without an all-region DVD player. I also wish Series XIII would be released for purchase.

    Do you know if Stuart has any projects in the works now that he knows Betrayal won’t be renewed?



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