AAG Commercial: Fred Thompson & Jesse Pinkman

Is Fred Thompson Talking to Jesse Pinkman in the AAG Commercial?

AAG Commercial: Fred Thompson & Jesse Pinkman

Every time I see this AAG commercial with Fred Thompson, all I can think is that he’s talking to Jesse Pinkman from “Breaking Bad.” Jesse appears to have a thriving news stand on the street, and Fred even buys a newspaper from him.

“You know, some people have told me that reverse mortgages sound too good to be true,” Fred tells us. “I mean, you get cash out of your home, no monthly payments, and you still own your home. There’s gotta be a catch. Right, Jesse?”

The guy’s wearing a Jesse Pinkman knit hat, and he even looks a little like Aaron Paul. Doesn’t he? I’m not sure what AAG is trying to tell us with this ad.

Disclaimer: I know nothing about reverse mortgages, and I’m sure they’re a fine option for some people.


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  1. Is Fred Thompson Talking to Jesse Pinkman in the AAG Commercial? http://t.co/8LnrOUH6Ec

  2. RT @ReelLifeJane Is Fred Thompson Talking to Jesse Pinkman in the AAG Commercial? http://t.co/2C15PklIyR

  3. Rick Carter Avatar
    Rick Carter

    I am glad someone else has thought this too. I always hear, “Yo Bitch” after Thomson asks him the question. Thanks Jane

  4. jim Avatar

    amamzung we alk see the same thing He flips the newsguy a quarter and asks for confination about there must “be a catch Jesse… very freaky

  5. Mickey Avatar

    Just where can Fred Thompson buy a newspaper for a quarter? This commercial is out of touch with reality and it’s demeaning to news vendors such as ‘Jessie’.

    1. Mike Avatar

      agreed. totally patronizing

    2. me Avatar

      Probably a dollar coin.

  6. Nan Avatar

    The funny thing about this ad is that Fred is addressing Jesse by saying “there’s gotta be a catch, right Jesse?” – the obvious response to which is, well, YEAH – you gotta own a home! I mean, AAG Jesse looks perfectly respectable and all; nevertheless, he also looks for all the world like someone who probably does NOT own a home! What were they thinking?

    1. Pete Avatar

      No way this is the guy on Breaking Bad. Heis much to old….I am pretty sure that it is David Patrick Kelly, he played Sully in the movie Commando with Arnold S….and he has been in a ton of other movies….must have needed a down payment on a car to do this commericial..ha ha……check out some videos on You Tube…..later…

    2. Suzie Debolt Avatar
      Suzie Debolt

      I believe the guy is Jesse Whitley, country singer Keith Whitley’s son. Fred dated Keith’s wife after he died, Lori Morgan Whitley, also a country singer!!

      1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

        Ah – the plot thickens! Thanks for the info. 🙂

  7. David Avatar

    I think he is deaf

  8. Paul Pasquale Avatar
    Paul Pasquale

    Poor Jesse! How would he even know what the heck Fred is talking about? It reminds me of that old New Yorker cartoon where the two dogs are talking about a recent experience: “Then he turned to me and said, ‘Well, Rover, what do you think about all this?’ And all I could think of to say was ‘Woof!’ … I felt like such a fool.” Not only that, but should I bother watching this ad again for the exchange of money? I must have missed the part where he pays for the paper. Fred, you arrogant, condescending old … Son of a gun.

  9. Paul Pasquale Avatar
    Paul Pasquale

    OMG … I watched it again … He flips a coin at him… Presumably a $2.00 piece from the stash he hoards for his daily trip down Main Street … Isn’t that right, Jesse? So, watching this again only confirms what I previously thought … It’s belongs in the annoying commercial hall of fame

  10. Brian C. Avatar
    Brian C.

    “Isn’t that right, J, Jesse? ” This man does not know Jesse… Haha

  11. Jane Boursaw Avatar

    I would have loved it if that Jesse doppelganger had looked up and said, “B*TCH!” 🙂

  12. Bob D Avatar
    Bob D

    Nah, that’s Jonathan Lucroy of the Milwaukee Brewers.

  13. Robert Avatar

    Jesse had a number of roles in Law and Order when Fred was the DA.

  14. Richard Garner Avatar
    Richard Garner

    Fred flips Jesse a coin for a paper,drives me crazy.Why not hand him a dollar,say thanks Jesse and have Jesse respond.Hard to believe some high dollar ad agency misses this detail.Makes the commercial offensive.

    1. Jeffrey Hughes Avatar
      Jeffrey Hughes

      I find the ad annoying too but there are 50¢ pieces and dollar coins… I keep a whole ashtray full of them for the drive through so I don’t have to dig for the billfold/wallet. I feel the more absurd part is that the Senator expect’s Mr. Jessie to be following his conversation and abruptly asks his affirmation. I work in the film industry in the set decorating department and help make the rediculous a reality. One of the more annoying things we do, is our excessive use of “China hat” lights (barn utility lights to the outside world) no matter the period. They’ve started to have a resurgence in the design world but we’ve been using them for decades. I could on and on.

  15. Charles Guinn Avatar

    Let’s get it right … IT’S NOT THE LOAN THAT’S PREDATORY, IT’S THE PERSON ORIGINATING THE LOAN. The loan is just a contract to borrow money with terms of repayment. the worst you could get from that is a paper cut. When applied properly, the reverse mortgage is a useful financial tool. BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU SEE AN OLD ACTOR ON TV AND CALL THE 800 NUMBER. — YOU GET A PHONE SALESMAN. That salesman is highly skilled in convincing older people over the phone to buy something. And what they sell is WHAT GETS THE SALESMAN THE HIGHEST COMMISSION!!

    When considering a reverse mortgage DON’T GET IT OVER THE PHONE! You should know the person helping you with the transaction — meet them personally. Know how to get hold of them in the future. Make sure they are qualified to counsel you about a financial product.


    I originate Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECM), commonly called reverse mortgages, in Southern California. I always see each client, often several times. My goal is to make sure my clients have a sustainable place to live for the rest of their lives. Often it involves a reverse mortgage, but other times it’s better if they move or downsize. In any case, the goal is to preserve the home equity as much as possible, integrate the use of a HECM loan with other retirement funds, pensions, Social Security, and assets. THIS PROCESS IS NOT SOMETHING THAT CAN BE DONE PROPERLY OVER THE PHONE. And never by someone you can’t get in touch with in the future if you have questions or need further help.

    There are lots of qualified, experienced, properly licensed Loan Officers in every part of the Country who will meet with you in your home. I only work in Southern California (310-616-6965). Check your local area, ask a lawyer, CPA, or financial adviser for a referral. Know the person and know how to get hold of them after the loan is funded. Then you can be safe with your greatest asset, your home.

  16. b peeler Avatar
    b peeler

    jesse knows about reverse mortgages his parents got one now jesse is homeless right jesse

  17. George Avatar

    Hi Jane,

    Thanks for this awesome post. I really enjoy reading it.


  18. Kyle Avatar

    Looks like the creepy guy from “The Warriors”, remember warriors come out and pla ya.

  19. Drake34 Avatar

    Fred Thompson: “You know, some people have told me that reverse mortgages sound too good to be true,” Fred tells us. “I mean, you get cash out of your home, no monthly payments, and you still own your home. There’s gotta be a catch. Right, Jesse?”
    Jesse Pinkman: “That’s right, bitch. Sounds sketchy to me. Hey…LOVED ya in ‘Days of Thunder’, Yo. That scene you’re about to suspend that Cole Trickle & that other driver dude was epic, bro.”

  20. Lar. Avatar

    I agree with Richard . . . this ad is definately demeaning to the poorer class and a very bad reflection on AAG! It’s not enough that they want to screw people out of homes they’ve worked their entire lives to obtain, they want to make fun of the poorer class too! A small part of the script that was unnecessary and would have been much better without it!

  21. Dave Avatar

    Why was Jesse even in the commercial anyway? The guy wears a wool hat when it’s 80 degrees outside, and sells newspapers for a living. (for 25 cents apiece at that). He knows nothing about the mortgage business. Does Fred still think he’s running for president, and pandering to the working class?
    Fred, it’s over. Your acting career is in the crapper, and the only gigs you and Fonzi from Happy Days can get are mortgage commercials. Kiss of death in show biz. Next stop, Colonial Penn life insurance.

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      I love everything about this comment, Dave. Thank you!

    2. Jeff Avatar

      I forgot about the wool hat in the 80F weather, I want to know who devised this crazy part of the ad, too funny 🙂

  22. Dan Avatar

    Looks like David Patrick Kelly to me… Jesse pinkman predecessor…

  23. jwillms Avatar

    Fred Thompson has a complete acting career based on his condescending asshole attitude. What a perfect example of conservative Tea Party Republican!!!

    1. Susan Avatar

      Really !!! Dead on !
      I googled “condescending AAG asshole” to find out who is the jerk in the suit & — Voila !
      Obviously my sentiments exactly. Makes me ashamed as an American every time I hear/see it …. which is way too often for way too long ! Regarding the “catch” – “Upon the death of homeowners, their heirs either give up ownership to the home or must refinance the home to purchase the title from the reverse mortgage company.” Wikipedia

  24. tom Avatar

    I believe jesse is recently deceased actor Richard bakalyan

  25. john McCown Avatar
    john McCown

    I also am convinced that it is Richard (Dick) Bakalyan.

  26. Claudia Fletcher Avatar
    Claudia Fletcher

    I bet this was filmed right outside NYC, in Larchmont or Mamaroneck

  27. jensen scott Avatar
    jensen scott

    Love that Jesse guy, hey he made a quick quarter and what is wrong with that kind of capitalism ?

  28. Booker Kirk Avatar

    Jesse is homeless. lol

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