Tommy Lee Jones to Remake ‘The Cowboys’

Tommy Lee JonesOscar-winning Tommy Lee Jones is writing and directing a remake of Mark Rydell’s “The Cowboys,” updating the 1972 western that starred John Wayne, Bruce Dern and a bunch of youngsters tasked with manning a long cattle drive. Thus proving once again that there are no NEW ideas in Hollywood!

But I do love a good western, and there aren’t many made these days (though we’ve been watching Kevin Costner’s 2003 western “Open Range,” which you can find any hour of the day, no matter when you turn the TV on). And there’s been a few other great westerns during the past decade – “True Grit” and “3:10 to Yuma” among them. Note that these are ALSO remakes.

Donald De Line will produce and Lynn Harris will oversee “The Cowboys” for Warner Bros. The remake will be Jones’ next project after “The Homesman,” a frontier drama based on the Glendon Swarthout novel; Jones co-wrote, directed, produced and stars in the film.

No word on whether he’ll appear in “The Cowboys,” but I could totally see him taking on the John Wayne role.

To refresh our collective memory, here’s the trailer for the 1972 film. Trailers were different back then, weren’t they? No namby-pamby teaser stuff – we got full scenes!



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