The Voice: Blind Auditions 2

We’re back with the four superstar coaches for Night 2 of the season five Blind Auditions on “The Voice.” Last night, Christina Aguilera scored two performers, CeeLo Green won two, Blake Shelton landed one singer, and Adam Levine picked up three artists.

Here’s the rundown of tonight’s vocalists…

Jacquie Lee, 16, New Jersey, “Back to Black” (Christina Aguilera). She reminds me a little of Duffy, whom I LOVE. Christina and Blake turned around (thank goodness!). She is such a cutie, and CeeLo loves her little boots (and took a picture of them, which ok, might be a little creepy). Blake jumped right in with the pitch, but Adam cut him off: “You put your dimples away!” “I want to be that shoulder you can lean on,” says Christina, who got up and did a little dance after winning Jacquie.

Barry Black, 27, America Samoa, “What You Won’t Do For Love” (Adam Levine). He has kind of a little trumpet thing he does with his mouth. His voice gives me goosebumps! Adam thought his bow-tie was a weird harmonica, but Blake said, “I turned around because I believe in this guy.”

Mike Unser, 19, Pleasant Hill, OH, “Pretty Little Secret.” He told a sweet story about how he built a relationship with his step-dad and got involved in youth ministry. “When I walk through those doors, I’m gonna give it my everything,” he said. CeeLo said he messed up and should have turned around, because he didn’t find anything wrong with the performance. That must be harder to take than if the judges had something critical to say. Mike says he’ll be back.

Destinee Quinn, “Cowboy Take Me Away” (Christina Aguilera). I really like her. Her voice is strong, and she has a strong stage presence. She’s already worked with Alice Cooper, and host Adam Corolla actually had an encouraging video message from Alice (Sprint product placement). When Adam and Christina started arguing, CeeLo said he was just being quiet and basking in the beauty of Destinee.

Cole Vosbury, 22, Shreveport, LA, “Movin’ On Up” (CeeLo Green). He comes from a musical family, and his grandmother toured with everyone from Elvis to Jerry Lee Lewis. He chose an unexpected song, and said part of doing “The Voice” is to get his family’s name out there. What a great song for his voice! CeeLo said he’s a great balance of country and soul. I figured the person who would pick “The Jefferson’s” theme song has to be a baddass.” Adam really regretted not turning around.

Holly Henry, 19, Minneapolis, MN, “The Scientist” (Blake Shelton). She’s working as a waitress in a pancake house to get by. She plays the piano, ukulele, guitar and banjo, but doesn’t perform for anyone and calls herself “awkward.” “To be completely honest, a lot isn’t waiting for me back home,” she says. Blake turned around after one word, then Adam and CeeLo turned, then Christina.  The judges all loved her.

Sammy C., 16, Newport Beach, CA, “Where Is the Love?” No one turned around for him, but CeeLo said he has such a great energy to him. Christina said he’s still molding his craft, but right now he has hunger and drive and passion.

Austin Jenckes, Duvall, WA, “Simple Man” (Blake Shelton). He’s a scooter tour guide! With a sad story. When he was 16, his father committed suicide, and Austin said he gets a lot of his emotions out through music. His dad taught him “Simple Man” on the same guitar he used on “The Voice.” His voice is really soulful. CeeLo and Blake turned around; Blake said the big note at the end did it.

E.G. Daily, 51, Hollywood, CA, “Breathe” (Blake Shelton). She’s an actor and voice-over actor who’s done everything from “RugRats” to playing Dottie on “PeeWee’s Big Adventure” (!!!). I’m excited that she’s 51! “I have to represent to my children that no matter what age you are, you’re never too old to chase your dreams.” Blake complimented her on having a little rasp but also able to hit all the notes. CeeLo said she reminds him of Rod Stewart.

Jonny Gray, 29, Austin, TX, “All These Things That I’ve Done” (CeeLo Green). He spent time in the Middle East in the Air Force. “I saw a lot of bad stuff happen … I don’t know how to explain that … I really don’t talk about it too much. It’s just kind of locked away.” CeeLo and Adam turned around. “I hear Stevie Nicks, I hear Eddie Vedder,” said CeeLo. Even though beforehand, Jonny said he wanted to work with Adam, he chose CeeLo. “He threw a Pearl Jam reference … and I feel he really knows my voice,” said Jonny.

Tessanne Chin, 29, Kingston, Jamaica, “Try” (Adam Levine). Ok, first of all, her shoes are awesome. And so is her accent. She sang back-up for Jimmy Cliff. All the judges turned around right away. Adam said, “This is gonna be a dirty fight … you could easily win ‘The Voice’ this year, I don’t have a doubt … you’ve got something crazy special.” It worked, because she picked him.

Favorites from tonight’s “The Voice”?


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