The Comedy Corner: 3 Questions with Rain Pryor

Rain Pryor
Rain Pryor

Rain Pryor may be Richard’s daughter, but she’s an award-winning actress, stand-up comedienne, singer, author, producer, and mom in her own right. 

Luckily for us, she’s also the subject of The Comedy Corner this week. Read more in Wojo’s column over at

1. Has being funny always come naturally to you, or did you have to hone that craft somehow?

I’ve had to hone my stand-up … not being funny. There’s a difference.

Stand-up is an art form; it’s a skill set. Being funny, you’re just funny. I was born funny … but doing stand-up’s a skill set.

2. Who in the comedy world most inspired you to get into stand-up comedy? Why?

My dad. He was the best at it. He was a storyteller and he told the truth, and I wanted to be able to tell the truth and make you laugh also.

3. If the story of your life were made into a movie, who would you want to portray you? Why?

Jurnee Smollett-Bell (“True Blood,” “The Great Debaters,” “Friday Night Lights” TV series). Why? Because she would be the right age and she’s a good actress.






2 responses to “The Comedy Corner: 3 Questions with Rain Pryor”

  1. B. Actor Avatar

    I remember her from the old sitcom, ‘Head of the Class’. From what I remembered, I really liked her on the show and always wondered why she didn’t become a bigger name… Glad to see she’s doing well 🙂

  2. Michele Wojo Avatar
    Michele Wojo

    Thanks for the comment! She is involved in quite a lot, and she’s a super nice person! I wish her all the best with Baltimore TheatreWorks

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