Thailand's Floating Cinema

Check out this floating cinema in Thailand. I can’t decide if it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen or a blight on the gorgeous seascape there. I’m leaning towards the former, although … I’m not sure I’d want to watch a movie in this serene place. I’d probably want to just sit back and sip a cool beverage.

I guess you wouldn’t call it a drive-in. More like a boat-in. The theater is (was?) located in Nai Pi Lae lagoon on Kudu Island, and designed by Beijing-based architect Ole Scheeren.

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Scheeren’s Archipelago Cinema features a floating screen, cradled between two towering rocks, and a separate raft-like auditorium. The project employed Thai building practices using recycled materials and the same techniques used by local fishermen to construct floating lobster farms.

Hmmm… I’m guessing there’s no concession stand and no restroom…?

I’m not sure if this has happened yet – anyone know? – but after its run as a theater, the structure was scheduled to be dismantled and donated to the community of Yao Noi as a playground and floating stage.

What do you think? Would you want to watch a movie here? 


  1. Ha, well, when I was living in Austin, the Alamo Drafthouse would show Jaws on Lake Travis to people floating in inner tubes. They also had divers who would grab people from underneath the water. THAT qualifies as awesome.

  2. Yeah, not sure how I feel about this either. I’ve been to Thailand, but I have no idea where this island is located. I went to a secluded island, and they barely had electricity, let alone a movie screen. I think it’s better that way.

  3. This is pretty incredible. I’m not sure that I’d enjoy watching a movie while surrounded by a body of water, but it’s an amazing concept. It’s hard to do anything original in this age, so I commend them for this idea.


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