Rizzoli & Isles Recap: Judge, Jury & Executioner – Season 4, Ep 11

Rizzoli & Isles: Judge, Jury and Executioner

Sigh … Lee Thompson Young was in this episode of Rizzoli & Isles, which is a GOOD thing, but it makes me sad that they’re running out of episodes in which he appears. I wonder if they’ll bring in a new character to fill that void next season…

At any rate, this episode, titled “Judge, Jury & Executioner,” centers on a woman, Judge Kathleen Harper (A’da Alison Woolfolk) who collapses and dies in a courtroom where her daughter is participating in a mock trial. “She was one of the good guys,” says Jane, who does her best to comfort the judge’s daughter, Ashley (Jazz Raycole).

One thing I love about Jane is that she’s always sympathetic to the victims’ friends and family. If I’m ever in a crisis situation, I want someone like Jane next to me.

Maura goes to work on the details of the case. Before she died, Judge Harper went into convulsions and had a wet, tacky substance on her hand, probably paint. She also had a tiny puncture wound on her neck, probably from a syringe.

Judge Harper believed in rehabilitation and sent her charges to a specific prison where they could turn their lives around. Only, after some investigation, Jane and Maura determine that this prison isn’t a place for first-time offenders. It’s for hard-core gangbangers.

A man named Dustin Williams (John Lacy) had filed a complaint against Judge Harper. His son was convicted of burglary and sent to prison “with scum.” His son died last week. a this private, so-called minimum security prison. Dustin’s son died of suffocation, and Jane and Maura found Ritalin in the cabinet there – the same drug that was injected into the judge.

The killer? Not Dustin Williams or the judge’s law clerk (red herrings). It was a corporate attorney who was private counsel for the prison. Judge Harper had threatened to get him disbarred for selling out.

Random Stuff: 

Angela gets a notice that her tax debt is paid off, and she thought it was Korsak who did it. But he promised her he wouldn’t pay it off. Turns out it was Tommy, who won a big settlement for getting pinned in that building a few episodes ago. Jane finds out about the payment and says they’ll split it with her and Frankie.

Product placements in this episode: Toyota and multiple Apple products.

Other guest stars: Colin Egglesfield, Doug Savant, Shaun Brown, Joel Polis, and Conor Leslie.

Frost displayed his cardio abilities by running up four flights of stairs to see how long it would (they needed to know for the case) – 45 seconds.

Jane has a cute robot on her desk. Anyone know where to get one? I’ll have to Google it.

I thought the killer was the female law clerk at first. I was oh so wrong.

Maura going all OCD when Tommy brought the recyclables into her house. Also, Jane and Tommy dissing Maura’s “food.”

“What are you worried about? You break out in hives if you lie. If you cheated on your taxes, you’d probably get leprosy.” – Jane to Maura, upon learning about Angela’s tax problem

A “Mock Your Advisors” website? Ugh.

The kid at school whining about Fourth Amendment Constitutional issues. Which leads to him giving up his Ritalin dealer, who turns out to be Ashley. She wasn’t taking it anymore, but found a bottle in her mom’s medicine cabinet. (The corporate attorney who killed her knew she had narcolepsy and took Ritalin.)

Maura doing acupuncture on Frost – LOL.

Maura’s “Masks of Death” (Jane’s words) = Tribal Ritual Masks.

Season four finale next week!


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