Paranormal Witness: A Ghostly Affair
Rebecca Spencer had not been keen on moving to Arkansas. When her husband got a job as the Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities at the University of Arkansas, Monticello, however, she found the family planning a move. When they were scouting houses, Rebecca fell in love with an old Victorian mansion. She announced that she would move, as long as Mark bought her that house.

In this week’s episode of “Paranormal Witness,” a family moves into a creepy old house in Arkansas and the fun begins: swinging chandeliers, ghostly apparitions, whisperings and slamming doors ensue. Still, the husband is like ‘there has to be a rational explanation.’

He says this even though every morning when the family awakes there is a broken glass on the kitchen counter. Yeah, you have a ghost in your house ‘cause if this crap is happening without a ghost, there’s no rational explanation.

One night their 11-year-old daughter is reading in bed and gets that ‘oh crap someone is watching me’ feeling. The fan in her room is turned off momentarily and then she can see the buttons being pushed to turn it on and off as it goes faster and faster until the motor burns out. And what does Dad think? What an imagination my kid has. That’s right, imagination burns up motors. Who knew?

The family decides to go on a little trip and leaves a girl to house-sit. It starts to pour and Mr. Skep calls up and asks her, “Can you go into the attic and make sure the buckets are placed properly to catch the rain?”

She says, “Even though I didn’t want to go into the attic, I’d do anything the family.” Including die? For someone who claims skepticism of the paranormal, he’s just setup the number one rule of horror movie screenplays – a girl alone in the house for some reason is compelled to go to the attic to check something out and surprise – a door is slammed behind you. It’s safe to say at this point she will no longer do ‘anything’ for the family.

Eventually, the wife who wants to prove what she already knows to be true, wants to prove it false and invites paranormal investigators into the home. The investigation is about to start and right before the moment they are going to go dark, a tree limb breaks in the backyard hitting a transformer causing it to blow. Rationalize that, Mr. Skeppinton.

On to another day where wifey is home alone and hears someone upstairs, becomes unglued and demands Mr. Skep come home immediately. If I made a frantic phone call every time my ghosts were pacing the floor at 3 a.m., someone would not be very happy. They have to live somewhere; live and let live is my motto.

So hubby comes home, goes into the attic and finds the love letters that the ghost has been trying to get these morons to find since they moved in. He actually sees the ghost this time. That, combined with research on the previous occupants and a death certificate, reveals the sad mystery. An unrequited love story of a woman who took it to the extreme by mixing herself a cyanide cocktail. There’s a moral to this story: when love goes awry, get a hobby and save yourself from an un-life of grief and haunting.

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  1. Hey Lisa, Great recap of this Paranormal Witness episode. It really amazes me how much denial people go through trying hard to imagine something isn’t there than accepting that it is. Especially when it’s right in front of them.

    Normally these types of hauntings are centered around a wandering spirit trying to find closure in their passing. This case seemed to be no exception.

    Enjoyed reading your post!

    -Best Regards,
    Robert Tuttle

    • Thanks for reading Robert, I appreciate it. There are so many people that are absolutely certain there are no such thing as spirits yet they have never gone to a haunted location just to make sure they know what they’re talking about. The ‘If I can’t see it it’s not there.’ mentality.
      I love Paranormal Witness, it gets me every time.

      • I agree 100% Lisa. I’m more of the kind that says to myself, “If I can’t see it, then I can’t say it’s not really there”!

        Of course it takes certain kinds of people to appreciate the unknown and the unexplained. An open mind doesn’t hurt either…lol

        Although I have to say that some of those Paranormal Witness episodes seem a bit far fetched, but that could be nothing more than the “I caught a fish and it was THIS big” syndrome. 🙂 But I do believe there is some truth behind every story.

        Thanks a bunch for the reply!


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