New Girl Recap: All In – 3×1

New Girl

New Girl is back!!! The summer seemed to fly past, and I barely had withdrawal symptoms from no new episodes of “New Girl” (probably because I was catching up on series I’ve been meaning to watch like BBC’s “Sherlock” and “Beaver Falls”).

Anyway, it looks like it’s “give a quirk to Winston” time again, as he is now obsessed with jigsaw puzzles yet doesn’t even have the sense to separate the border pieces from the rest of the puzzle – isn’t that how everyone starts a jigsaw puzzle? Last season he had an unhealthy obsession with badgers in the season finale. They compound this quirk with Winston’s need to be naked when working on the jigsaw puzzle.

Nick and Jess are in the first stages of a relationship – blissful unawareness. Basking in the glow of realizing they both like each other and want to make this relationship work, Nick and Jess drive around town (pulling off to the side of the road at one point to enjoy each other), all the while trying to avoid returning to the loft where they have to face reality: they’re roommates as well, and how are they going to make the two work?

The pair end up in Mexico where instead of staying in some fleabag motel with what little money they have, they decide to go all Gilligan’s Island and live on the beach (despite the fact that they’re yards away from a high-priced resort hotel).

At some point, Jess is ready to go home – their little escape was fun but it’s time to return to real life – but Nick doesn’t want their bliss to end and tries to stall for more time. In turn, he ends up getting picked up by hotel security and thrown in jail.

Jess, thinking he’s going to a Mexican jail (and as she was probably a fan of “Prison Break,” we all know what a Mexican jail is like), heads home to get money and Nick’s passport to bail him out. Instead, Nick is enjoying the jail he’s in – spa resort hotel jail.

Meanwhile, Schmidt has commandeered Winston to be his new best friend since he can’t get hold of Nick. Schmidt needs advice big time – he’s got to choose between Elizabeth and Cece. He goes with Elizabeth, as she was the first in his life, but when he goes to break the news to Cece, he’s unable to disappoint her when Cece believes he chose her. This is the same with Elizabeth when he goes to break up with her but is unable to when she believes he chose her. So he continues to sleep with both of them, but feels badly about it all.

I’m guessing that both Cece and Elizabeth will get wind of what’s up and will both end up breaking up with Schmidt.

When the quad return home, Nick doesn’t want to go into the loft as he knows once he steps in everything will change, but Jess convinces him that they are all family and they will dive headfirst into this together – and seals it with a kiss. Awww…

At the end of the ep, the writers were able to tie Winston’s inept puzzle-solving skills with Nick’s passport issues, which made for a chuckle, but I still feel like they don’t know what to do with Winston. Giving him a new quirk every week or two just isn’t going to cut it. The other characters are clearly defined – why isn’t Winston?

Schmidt still gets all the best lines. Best Schmidt-icisms this ep that had me literally LOL:

“Sayonara, masturbation, for the rest of my life,” after witnessing a Jess-Nick make-out session, and…

“What color do you think you are?!” when they all realize Winston is color blind when he thinks his bright green shoes are brown.

This is yet another quirk they added to Winston that wasn’t addressed before. Why wasn’t he dressing mismatched the first two seasons from being color blind!?

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  1. Alina Smith Avatar
    Alina Smith

    Does Jessica really have feelings for Nick? Though the actors’ performance influences new story ideas.

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