New Girl

Can I just say, “Schmidt + Cats = HYSTERICAL?”

This week’s episode of “New Girl” finds Winston wanting to take the next step in his relationship with Daisy after she asks him to cat-sit her feline friend, Ferguson. Schmidt is adamant that no cats are to come into a loft and we become privy to his bizarre story about cats and his nipples. Apparently, cats like to lick Schmidt’s nipples – is there some delicious milk that comes out? No one knows.

Just as Winston is about to ask Daisy to go into an exclusive relationship, he senses someone else in her apartment – mainly another guy. He sees a size 15 sneaker and hears the shower go off but she brushes it off and pushes him out the door.

Distraught that Daisy is seeing someone else, he decides the best way to exact revenge is to kill her cat and he has every tool imaginable to do the deed. In fact, the dining table looks like a life size game of Clue with a knife, a noose, and an assortment of other items to do away with Ferguson, but Winston can’t bring himself to do it.

Schmidt has problems of his own trying to juggle both Elizabeth and Cece after they both show up at his office party after a co-worker (Eva Amurri Martino – Susan Sarandon’s daughter) purposely mentions the party to Elizabeth when she comes to visit Schmidt. He likes them both, what is the poor guy to do?

Jess, meanwhile, is trying to get in the good graces of a group of teachers who have formed a clique and purposely exclude her. It’s like they’re the cool kids and she’s not. Nick comes to her rescue the only way he knows how – through liquor – by offering free drinks to the trio of teachers. In the end, the only person she’s worried about looking cool to is Nick – awww…

Winston confronts Daisy about the other guy at her place when she comes by to pick up her cat. She admits there is someone else and Winston gets his revenge – he keeps Ferguson.

Closing scene had me in hysterics! Schmidt is sleeping on the couch, shirtless, while Winston just looks on. Then Jess and Nick come in and stare and we see Ferguson on top of Schmidt, licking his nipples like it’s a fresh bowl of milk. I couldn’t stop laughing at this visual. Winston, Jess and Nick are, at the same time, disgusted yet transfixed by the sight.

It’s these little bits that tie back to something mentioned earlier in the episode or even planted in an episode prior that make me love “New Girl” that much more.

Congrats to Merritt Wever, who plays Elizabeth, on her Emmy win! Her abrupt acceptance speech has gone viral on the web. “I gotta go. Bye,” was the extent of it. Best acceptance speech ever? Possibly. I’m sure the conductor loved it as he didn’t have to cue the music to play her off.

What did you think of the episode of “New Girl”?



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