Nashville Recap: I Fall To Pieces – 2×1


Nashville” is back! Looks like the show is maintaining the use of classic country songs as the titles to each episode.  The Season 2 premiere is named after the great Patsy Cline song “I Fall to Pieces” and picks up where last season left off – the horrific single car accident.

Rayna is in a medically-induced coma, and Deacon is facing major jail time for the accident. Even though he wasn’t driving, he feels guilty for getting drunk and creating the situation that caused Rayna to take the wheel.

Maddie feels guilty herself because she feels like she started this whole thing when she went snooping around and found out that Teddy, the man she thought was her biological dad, was not. She confronts Deacon with the possibility he might be her dad, which, in turn, sends him into a downward spiral and leads up to the car crash.

While in her medically-induced coma, Rayna dreams of days past when she and Deacon were two young kids in love with their whole future ahead of them. We see their relationship progress and in turn, fall apart, as Deacon falls off the wagon and goes back to drinking.


Across town, Gunnar is trying to pick up the pieces after Scarlett turned down his proposal. She’s moved out and Will (new series regular Chris Carmack) has moved in, still in denial about his homosexuality. Scarlett is working her last days at the Bluebird Cafe since she now has a whole record deal and singing career ahead of her. Avery is still trying to sneak his way back into Scarlett’s heart, but looks like Scarlett is set on being on her own for awhile.

Later, Gunnar feels guilty about exorcising Scarlett from his mind by setting the couch where they consummated their relationship on fire. Will, on the other hand, feels guilty that he spurns the advances of an old love as he pretends to be straight for some of the girls at the party.

Pretty much the only person who doesn’t feel guilty is Juliette Barnes. She’s trying to figure out what is the best way to milk more publicity for her new album while the whole country music world is preoccupied with Rayna’s recovery. She finds a few ways, much to the chagrin of her manager.

Under the guise of visiting Rayna in hospital, Juliette makes a grand entrance to a throng of fans and photographers. She actually has no intention of visiting Rayna at all, but when Maddie sees her and gives her a big hug, she feels at a loss to try to escape.  Just when you think this chick is pure evil with no compassion at all, she changes your mind by listening to Maddie and then giving Maddie her private cell number so she can call whenever she needs someone to talk to.

The attorney assigned to help Deacon with his case won’t give up on him (possible romance in the future?) and discovers that Rayna was driving the car when the accident happened, not Deacon. It’s later proven when Rayna is awakened from her coma and confirms she was the driver. Deacon is relieved.

Peggy Kenter is pregnant with Teddy’s kid, but Teddy doesn’t really want to have anything to do with it as he already has a family. He tells her flat out he’ll help her financially, but that’s it. When she goes in for an ultrasound, she finds out she has miscarried, but when she meets up again with Teddy she lies to him. Does this mean she is going to feign the whole pregnancy and try to get a baby off the black market or convince some pregnant teen to give up her baby so she can pretend she gave birth? Oh boy. I think I’ve seen this subplot before (“Glee,” anyone?)

Tandy, Rayna’s sister, is approached by a government agent who wants to investigate their dad. Turns out he may have plotted his wife’s death years ago!

While I liked Gunnar and Scarlett, I am getting sick of the Gunnar-Scarlett-Will love triangle. It’s getting a little tired. Have these guys move on to new relationships already! It will be good to split these three up and see where each character goes this season.

Song to download from this episode is “Why I Can’t Say Goodnight?” by Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio. I couldn’t get into the single from this episode by Hayden Panettiere, “This Love Ain’t Big Enough,” and I absolutely hated that weird mini-skirt dress with a train she wore in the concert scenes!

Download “Why I Can’t Say Goodnight?”

Download “This Love Ain’t Big Enough”
What did you think of this episode of “Nashville”? Happy to have the show back?






One response to “Nashville Recap: I Fall To Pieces – 2×1”

  1. Kimberly Strand Avatar
    Kimberly Strand

    I really like this show! It is well written and has a great cast.

    I am very excited for this season. It certainly has a lot it can do with each story line. I hope they take them as far as they can go.

    The thought of Rayna’s father being involved in her mothers death! OMG.

    I am pulling for Rayna and Deacon, but I don’t know if he can ever stay sober… and I think Rayna is realizing that. 🙁


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