Lindsay Lohan On Her No-Show at Venice Film Fest

Lindsay Lohan

Why was everyone surprised Lindsay Lohan didn’t show up at the screening of her recent film “The Canyons” Friday night at the Venice Film Festival? The famous redhead hasn’t done much to publicize the film since its release August 2.

“The Canyons,” which has grossed a mere $50,000 so far, cost about five times that to make, most of it raised through Kickstarter. Lohan was paid only $100 each day of shooting, according to the director, who attended the film’s premiere at the Walter Reade Theater in Lincoln Center earlier in the month. Lohan couldn’t make the New York premiere either, but that was because she was still in rehab.

The Canyons: Venice Film Festival
James Deen and Bret Easton Ellis at “The Canyons” premiere, Venice Film Festival 2013

On her website Saturday, Lohan cleared up the brouhaha surrounding her failure to show up in Venice. She wrote:

“Along with the positive messages and words of support of ‘The Canyons’ at VFF, I am sending my own to the cast, producers and the amazing Paul Schrader. I am so grateful for the extraordinary experience of being a part of this film. Unfortunately, I have to clear up these reports. I was never confirmed to attend. Of course, I would have enjoyed returning to that wonderful city and being a part of this amazing event, but my focus is on my health and well-being. Plain and simple, it is of the utmost importance. Lindsay.”

Lohan also posted more than 50 photos on her website of her “Canyons” cast members as they cruised down the red carpet for the premiere in Venice, including porno star James Deen, Nolan Gerard Funk and Tenille Houston.

In one photograph, porn star Deen, who plays Lohan’s sex addict boyfriend, is horsing around with the film’s writer Bret Easton Ellis, who is carrying him on his back down the red carpet piggyback style. Deen’s got a goofy grin and is giving the photographers a thumb’s up.



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  1. Kim Strand Avatar
    Kim Strand

    I do want to see this movie, and I am rooting for Lindsey (although it is getting tiresome)- I think she should have showed up in Venice and should have done the promotional rounds. It definitely helps get people to a movie. 🙂

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