Kim Kardashian

I can’t explain why exactly, but I’ve followed the Kardashians over the years. Yes, they’re super rich and famous for doing, well, not a lot. But of all of them, I’d say Kim Kardashian is probably one of the hardest-working of the bunch. Well, except for her momager, Kris Jenner, whose livelihood seems to depend on getting her kids in the public eye.

But look, I don’t think Kim has her head in the sand about her life. She knows she’s famous for being famous, and she’s managed to earn millions off that concept. That’s pretty smart, in my book.

But whereas she used to love the paparazzi, loved being in public, loved getting on the covers of the tabloids, and knew how to work it, I’m not so sure that’s the case anymore. Since she’s been with her baby-daddy Kanye West, her paparazzi photos have changed. Kim doesn’t smile as much. Keeps her head down. Seems a little sad and angry.

It feels a little like when Katie Holmes got together with Tom Cruise. Her zest for life was gone, and then when she left him, she got it back again. Only Kim knows what’s best for Kim, but I hope we get the old Kim back soon.

Here’s the new parents last night at the Givenchy Fashion Show – part of 2013 Paris Fashion Week in Paris, France. It’s the first official debut for 32-year-old Kim since giving birth to daughter North West this past June.

I do love her lighter hair color. I just wish her whole demeanor was lighter and happier.

Kim Kardashian


  1. Kim probably doesn’t feel so touchy feely with the press after they crucified her for gaining weight when she was pregnant. They were brutal. I don’t blame her for laying low.

    • It’s really disgusting how they do that. I haven’t really followed it re: Kim, but the whole idea of our culture treating pregnancy as a health problem or a disease sickens me (but that’s a slightly different subject). She’s supposed to gain weight while she’s pregnant! Give her a break.


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