Ghost Mine: Wandering Spirits

This week on “Ghost Mine,” the miners are running out of the low-grade ore they’ve been working and need to break through to the collapsed area which is proving difficult to reach.

After last week’s loud bang against the shack during the meeting, Patrick and Kristen do an experiment to see if someone could throw a rock and run away without being seen. Outcome? No. That night they decide to do a thermal sweep and some EVP work outside of the shack. Outcome? Zilch. More unanswered questions.

Patrick and Kristen find historian R. Greg Nokes to give them more background information on the Chinese miners. In the 1870’s, there was a recession, so people turned on the Chinese, accusing them of taking jobs. Turns out approximately three dozen Chinese miners were slaughtered and thrown into a river, and those bodies appeared to have been mutilated. Also, the Chinese believed if they weren’t buried in their home soil, that they would wander the Earth for all eternity, which explains an earlier EVP “I’m lost.”

Nokes explains the significance of the kanji on the rocks ‘House of Cremation.’ In Chinese cemeteries, they have a burn house where they honor the departed by burning prayer papers and incense. The Chinese cemetery, of course, is not in Baker, so we’re off to another investigation.

Back at the mine, a couple of the guys are drilling the dogleg as I watch in horror at the dirt on their necks, faces, ears, just everywhere – yuck. I can’t stand having anything sticky, oily, dirty or foreign on my hands, let alone the rest of my body. Mining is definitely not for me.

Patrick and Kristen arrive at the Chinese Cemetery and, hopefully, most of the dead are reburied wherever it would bring them peace. There is one grave marker left, so this spirit could quite possibly be wandering the countryside. Kristen thinks there’s another section where bodies are buried without markers, so there could be a lot of restless souls roaming the Earth.

Bucket and Mikey finally make a breakthrough closer to the mother lode. Kristen goes off to Granite to see where the Chinese lived back in the day and see the walls they built by stacking rocks upon rocks. They weren’t allowed to work claims, so they sifted through hundreds of millions of rocks that go on for miles. While Kristen is alone in this sea of rocks, we can hear them being shifted all around her. Investigation alert!

Back at the mine, the old vein is pinched, so they have to find another to make their bills while they’re edging towards Nirvana. Larry sets up a family picnic for the weekend to get the gang over the hump and bring ‘spirits’ up.

Stan sets up a drilling contest between Mikey and Jay. Mikey has miner in his blood and wins by 15 seconds. Around the campfire, Patrick relates his first paranormal experience at the age of seven and talks shop with Jay’s son, who is enthralled.

Kristen and Patrick go back to the sea of rocks at night to investigate. They’re getting some spikes on the meter and again it sounds like the rocks are being moved when suddenly the camera battery has the life sucked out of it. Cliffhanger!



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