Ghost Mine: Season 2 Premiere

This week, “Ghost Mine” returned with season two on SyFy (check out the official site here).

In the season one recap, it was revealed that Tommyknockers is a real occurrence, not just a Stephen King book. In fact, it’s too real for the show’s favorite, Doug, who took the phenomenon so seriously that he left in season one.

I don’t know what’s scarier for the “Ghost Mine” audience – the paranormal or watching the miners perform their tasks inside the mine. For me, the real horror is thinking there are miners underground who could be buried alive at any moment – stuck under rocks with their oxygen running out.

I’d like to thank Émile Zola for facilitating a constant fear of being buried alive, as agonizingly detailed in his book on coal mining, Germinal. Thanks, Émile. I didn’t have enough hang-ups already.

So for me, the ghosts take a backseat to the danger. I cringe every time these guys drill holes, all that shaking and then hey, it’s not dangerous enough – let’s hang out with some dynamite and light it while we’re still in the cave, with only five minutes to walk out.

What if someone trips? What if there’s another cave-in before they reach the entrance? Haven’t they ever considered the Wile E. Coyote method of a wire hooked to a plunger box?

We know there’s a dark shadow hanging out down there guarding the gold, and another one skulking around in the woods. As with living people, why don’t they actually tell this ghost what’s going on instead of pussy footing around with, “Are you angry that we’re here?” That’s obvious. How about, “Look, dude, you’re dead, so no matter what, you are never going to possess the gold. It would be best for you to go towards the light.”

If that doesn’t work, they could try, “We’re here to help you get the gold, so let’s work together.” It’s all about communicating, people.

Another problem that popped up is they think some cretin is trying to claim-jump and make off with some gold. The entrance to the mysteriously sealed tunnel they unearthed last season has collapsed. Find your own mine, interloper. Hmmm … or maybe it’s a living interloper…?

Note to Patrick: When doing an investigation, don’t antagonize the spirits with “Is that all you got?” You’re in a mine, not someone else’s living room! And while I’m at it, who finds people drilling in mines fascinating? You could mix ghosts with people cleaning toilets and you’d get an audience. The miners are the draw here. They’re real people who risk their lives to make a better life for their families.

This episode featured a cliffhanger, which is a good way to end it, but it also ticks me off. What is it?

Another question that is never answered: Are Kristen and Patrick a couple? Or are they so professional and scientific that they act like adults on camera? I need to get out my relationship meter and see if I can get a reading.

Are you watching “Ghost Mine”? What’d you think of the season two premiere? 


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