Ghost Mine: Phantom Intruder

In this week’s episode of “Ghost Mine,” Stan picks up on my psychic message to use RIPA, Patrick’s mechanical investigator on wheels, to investigate the unblasted caps from last week’s cliffhanger.

As luck would have it, RIPA is back there remotely checking the line by camera and KA-BOOM. Back in the good old days, men were used to investigate an unblasted cap. I wonder if they drew straws for that honor? When they get back to the ballroom, it looks like the area they were trying to connect to was intentionally caved in.

Patrick and Kristen do an investigation back at the blast site where Patrick picks up spikes on the Mel Meter in a pile of rubble near the cave in. Ever present is the sounds of rocks dropping. Or are they being thrown? Kristen is getting pissed because Patrick is goofing around right where Stan told him not to. The rock activity increases significantly so they make a quick exit amidst what sounds to be an eminent cave-in.

Larry, the mine owner, asks Patrick and Kristen to check out the cameras they previously installed to try and pick up evidence of a suspected trespasser. Larry says he’s having a problem with one of them. There is a strange anomaly on one of the camera’s files, so an investigation is in their future.

While out there, Patrick feels like he’s being watched and hears footsteps, and Kristen picks up some activity on the Mel Meter. Patrick follows the strange noises on the thermal, while Kristen stays behind to track the meter readings. Eventually, they are both led to the same clearing and they meet in the middle, finding a pile of rocks which turns out to be in the sight line of the malfunctioning camera. Also in that pile of rocks they find some kanji embedded into a rock.

Since it’s obvious something is keeping them from going through the cave-in to reach the mother lode, Mikey and Bucket start creating a dogleg around the cave-in. When Jamol and Eddy get to the site to start work, someone or something has cut their air hoses, which will set them back. Larry says enough is enough and decides to hire a security guard.

Meanwhile, Kristen goes into town to get more background info on the mine from the Sumpter Historical Museum. Apparently, Chinese laborers were used in the area and if you haven’t already guessed it – they were mistreated.

Patrick and Kristen get the guys together to relate their latest discoveries. First they show the image from the RIPA camera right before the blast, and there’s a pixilation and temperature drop. They also played the audio from their investigation at the cave in site, and you hear what sounds like a cave-in. The guys were in there afterwards and said nothing was out of place, so Kristen thinks it could be residual energy from a previous cave in.

Patrick had sent out an earlier EVP for translation that turns out to say ‘I’m lost’ in Cantonese, and as Patrick is letting the gang know the kanji translation from the rock, something slams against the cabin wall. They all run out in different directions and once again, there’s no explanation. I know I haven’t been asked, but I’m recommending  some sort of Chinese ceremony to put the spirits at rest.

Thoughts on this episode of “Ghost Mine”? 


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