Ghost Mine: The Lost Chamber
Patrick and Kristen discover a mysterious carving in the back wall of the ballroom.

In this week’s episode of “Ghost Mine,” a new recruit arrives and the greenhorns are all atwitter thinking they now get to boss someone around, only to find out he’s Fast Eddie’s son and Stan’s grandson.

The new kid, Mikey, gets to experience some odd phenomenon his first trip in – extreme cold and banging. When he and Bucket get back into the ‘ballroom,’ it’s apparent that the blockage in the tunnel was done purposefully years ago.

Later on, the same duo experience a time warp. At the end of the shift, Stan goes in to find out why two miners have not come out yet and finds Mikey and Bucket happily clearing rock. A six-hour time span has gone by and they think only an hour has elapsed. Patrick and Kristen do some scientific investigating and find out there’s some sort of magnetic force back there that can cause confusion.

The activity ramps up as Jay swears someone passed him going back into the mine as he was leaving. Patrick checks the camera feed, and as Jay passes the supposed miner, a glitch occurs on three of them. Patrick and Kristen go in to investigate and get a reading on the rocks above their heads, then they hear noises and spot movement, all of which dissipates quickly. The mine owner, Larry, who has seen the trespasser, asks Patrick to set up cameras around the perimeter so they can catch this guy sneaking around. Cue the skeptic music.

When Patrick and Kristen go into town to buy the cameras, they stop at the library to do some research on the history of the mine. They already know the connection with the Masons, and find a book that has all of the objects found in the mine. Could they have been used in some sort of ritual? Is that group a cover for a Wicca-like organization? Come to think of it, do you know anyone who is a Mason that isn’t financially flush? It bears further study; maybe I could be the first female Freemason.

Again, “Ghost Mine” ends on a cliffhanger, and this one is a little more intense than “is there a ghost running rampant throughout the tunnels.” A section of the mine is drilled for dynamite, the fuse is lit and out they go. We find out that they doubled up on the dynamite for this blast. Is that a good idea? Call me silly, but wouldn’t blasting in an underground area that’s hollow be more likely to collapse or become weakened when you set off dynamite? Yeah, let’s double it.

As we’ve seen previously, when they do an un-doubled explosion, the guys are seen milling about the entrance as streams of dust and debris come flying out the mouth, engulfing them as they stand there like they’re waiting for a bus. I’m doing the math and think if stuff comes flying out during a normal blow, wouldn’t it be prudent to stand doubly as far away from the mouth?

As luck would have it, this week the fuse did not ignite and Stan says someone has to go in and find out why. The time lapse between the lighting and the non-explosion looks to be about 10 minutes. I’d be waiting a heck of a lot longer to do an Easter egg hunt for fuses.

Memo: Have that mechanized relative of R2D2 that Patrick put together go in and do the recon. You’ll probably get a shot of the ghost holding a pair of scissors cutting the fuse right before it ignites.

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