Dancing With the Stars: Top 5 Dances – 17×2

Dancing With the Stars: Week 2

Wow, Season 17 of “Dancing With the Stars” is already really exciting! Everyone is pretty strong, with great first-week scores, and not much of a second week slump.

While the new format should be better in the long run, it’s kind of a mess right now, but I’m sure they’ll get the timing right soon enough.

Here are my favorite dances from this week:

Jack and Cheryl’s Rumba: Wow, he continues to surprise. He’s smoothing out his moves and getting more comfortable with them, and this dance featured nice choreography to a great song. I agree with Len about his hands, but he can fix that.

Leah and Tony’s Samba: She’s not an amazing dancer, but she’s not bad. She actually looked better in the package than in the live performance, probably because of nerves and self-confidence (and probably editing). Once she gets rid of the nerves and the self-doubt, she’ll be great. Mostly, I’m impressed that she’s getting her life back and doing what’s best for her.

Corbin and Karina’s Jive: This guy is a ringer! His contemporary was so phenomenal last week, and his jive is just as great. His movements are so crisp and clean, and he’s entertaining and sexy too. Yes, ballroom may be a challenge for him next week, but I’m already convinced he can do anything.

Brant and Peta’s Rumba: I’m hesitant to list this as a favorite because I don’t care for Peta, and their over-the-top flirtation is a little nauseating. They really turned up the ick tonight. But he is so cute, and he can dance! So sexy, and some impressive moves in there; they just need to tone it down a tad.

Amber and Derek’s Jive: She has got it. It’s not too surprising, since she dances plenty in “Glee,” but she can really move, her steps are spot on, and she’s very light on her feet. I can do without the motorboating though (that appeared twice tonight. Ugh).

In the first elimination, they bid goodbye to football player Keyshawn Johnson, and rightly so. Perhaps surprising to see a footballer go home so soon, but he was definitely the weak link in an otherwise surprisingly strong first two weeks.

Did you share my favorites? Who were yours? Were you disappointed to see Keyshawn leave, or did America get it right?


2 responses to “Dancing With the Stars: Top 5 Dances – 17×2”

  1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

    I’m LOVING this season so far. Amber Riley is amazing. I think my favorite this week is Corbin – and agree that he can likely do anything. Looking forward to his dance next week.

    Oh, and I love Jack and Cheryl’s song – ever since I heard Adam Lambert sing it on American Idol. Always gives me goosebumps.

    1. Renée Camus Avatar

      Yes, it’s a great song, despite coming dangerously close to being overused. It’s funny, this slow version has gotten a lot more exposure than the original Tears for Fears version ever got.

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