Castle: Valkyrie

At the end of season five of “Castle,” everyone’s favorite crime writer did it. Castle proposed to Beckett, but of course, we were left hanging! Can you believe we had to wait all summer to find out the answer!

As the season six premiere opened, they started where they left off, with Castle proposing! What did you think she was going to say? I wasn’t sure, but she said yes! “Oh my God, oh my God, you’re proposing!” I love that she was so excited.

They quickly started to talk about her job offer in D.C., which she accepted. “I’m not proposing to you to keep you here. I’m proposing because I can’t imagine my life without you,” says Castle. So sweet! And how cute was it when she said “big” about her ring!  A typical woman!

Castle Proposal

They remind me a little of Booth and Brennan on “Bones.” They have a very easy going (but go back and forth), but strong relationship. They both decide to work things out – together! Maybe they can counsel other couples!

They moved quickly to her new job in Washington. I have to admit, it scared me for a second when Beckett was on that chase and was shot multiple times! Oh yeah, just a training exercise. Phew! She was thrown right into it, and I love Lisa Edelstein. She could be a good partner for Beckett, but I can’t see the job lasting. Beckett is a New York girl … and how could Castle not be her partner!?

In the meantime, Castle returned from his 11-day book tour (I like they put that in there) and found Alexis with a new oddball (but funny) boyfriend named Pi. I love Castle’s family – don’t you just love Susan Sullivan (his mom on the show)?

Back to the case. When Beckett called Castle and said they wouldn’t be able to see each other for six weeks, I thought, no way is he going to accept that – and he didn’t. He surprised her at her apartment, and she was happy. Cut to morning – of course, he wanted to know about the top secret/confidential case – and of course, she wasn’t going to tell him – and of course, he tries to figure it out – and does! I love him.

The case – there was a blackout (intentional) at a research facility for a military satellite system. The case is top secret, but we knew Castle would do what he could to get involved and figure it out, no matter who gets in trouble for it … which is Beckett in this case. McCord (Lisa Edelstein) makes it clear Castle can’t  help. Um hum … she doesn’t know him does she?

After Beckett accidentally leaves some “evidence” (the photo) behind in her apartment, Castle quickly gets Ryan and Esposito involved in helping (and they love it). Go team! He figures out where the bad guys got into the research center. He was already investigating when the FBI arrived (at the golf course where the bad guys got into the sewer tunnels to get to the research facility ).

I cracked up when Beckett and McCord arrived and saw Castle. “What the hell is he doing here?”  He says he was golfing – too bad he didn’t have any clubs. McCord was mad at him! It was funny when Castle told Beckett that McCord wasn’t invited to the wedding.

Beckett then tells him again to stop snooping. Later, unbeknownst to him, he was being photographed.

It was good that Castle realized he was getting Beckett in trouble with her boss. He calls her and asks, “Red or White? I’m cooking you salmon tonight to make up for getting you in trouble.” Awww… Beckett thought that was very sweet, and it was.

Unfortunately, Castle is nabbed by a bad guy (Frank Bronson). He makes Castle get into his car, while Castle tries to convince him he isn’t involved. “Valkyrie, Valkyrie,” the bad guy kept saying, until he was poisoned (while driving) and died.

Of course Castle gets in trouble and is arrested. Sigh … Castle. Of course, they realize he isn’t involved, but he tells them about “Valkyrie.” Bronson’s (the guy who died) girlfriend (Jeanette Miller) most likely has the encryption system now.

Quick synopsis of the last scenes:

Castle returns home to keep out of trouble, and Pi there. He lost his passport.

McCord to Beckett: “Want to talk about Castle?” Beckett: “Nope.”

Beckett and McCord find Jeanette Miller, interrogate her, and she tells them she and Bronson were set up.

The team learns that a chemical agent was stolen from the lab – yikes (and bad timing, right?)

There is a code – Dream World Secret (Federal Agents are involved). I didn’t really get it.

This is a two-part episode … Bronson was killed by the chemical. When the Federal Agents came and took Castle from his home, I wasn’t sure what was going on. Darkness (gloom really), as Castle waits in the interrogation room, and Beckett walks in and sits by him.

Castle wants to know what is going on. Why was his blood drawn? She tells him that he was infected by the chemical (in the car) too, and HE HAS ONE DAY TO LIVE. WT…? Seriously, it’s going to end there?

Obviously, we know Castle isn’t going to die, but we may see some very intense and melancholy (I hope) moments for Beckett and Castle thinking that he will die in less than 24 hours.

What did you think of the season six premiere of “Castle”? Are you excited for a wedding in the future?

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